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WeWard uses Pollfish Rewarded Surveys to provide more quality options to users to earn Wards!

Publisher: WeWard

App: WeWard: rewarding walking

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WeWard is a free mobile app that already motivates over 7 million people to walk every day. By encouraging its users to walk, WeWard fights against sedentary lifestyles and acts in favour of well-being, local dynamism and against pollution. Indeed, we have seen a 24% increase in walking time among our users.

Launched in 2019, WeWard allows its users to make walking a daily reflex. Too often neglected, this means of transportation is a soft and positive solution to health, ecological and local issues.

WeWard's solution is based on a reward system in a social universe. The more you walk, the more Wards (our digital currency) you get. You can redeem those points on special offers, donations to charities or money in your bank account.

Users can participate in fun challenges and competitions with friends. The app also offers good deals online and nearby that are rewarded in addition to the steps, thanks to a large network of health and sport partners.


  • Provide users with more options to earn Wards, faster
  • Increase revenue


  • WeWard apps are developed in React Native and Pollfish provided a plugin integration for that
  • Survey format can be challenging since users can get screened out
  • Fill rate is also different
WeWard phone
WeWard phone


WeWard incorporated Pollfish surveys in a dedicated section along with other survey providers


  • Users prefer surveys over ads!!
  • Surveys provide more revenue and users have fun!
  • There is always room for growth on the fill rate side. Many users would like to have more Pollfish surveys!
WeWard phone pollfish

Pollfish is a good solution. The Pollfish eCPMs are far superior to the competitors.

Pollfish differentiates itself from its competitors by the quality of the surveys and the quality of the integration.

Tanguy de La Villegeorges

Co-fondateur @ WeWard

Tanguy de La Villegeorges
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