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Your company logo is tantamount to your brand

There are seven principals to follow in the quest for the Logo that will make you stand out from the rest:

1. Keep it simple
2. Make it memorable
3. Make it fresh
4. Make it modern yet timeless
5. Make it proportional and well balanced
6. Make sure all the pieces work together
7. Make it versatile

Think you have designed a great logo?

Would it look better in red? Does it really communicate who you are/what you do?

What do people think of it? Honestly, do your customers like your logo?

How would you ever know?

Question every one as they come in?

No, run a survey, show it to them, and just ask them. Then go back and work on it, before sending everything to the printer’s. Simple as that.

Get results in just 3 simple steps.

1. Create your survey

Target your audience
Use our advanced targeting options to find the specific audience you need. Target by age, gender and demographic criteria such as Household Income or Marital Status, among others.

Add your survey questions
Choose from a variety of different question types on our DIY online tool and start building your survey today.

Review your survey
Our expert team will examine your survey closely and come back with feedback on both your survey design and methodology.

2. We get the responses you need, by suitable respondents.

Valuable partnerships
We partner with thousands of high-quality apps, worldwide, to ensure that we have access to suitable respondents for our clients.

Increasing Audience
We are actively looking for opportunities to enlarge our user base, to provide bigger target audiences to our clients.

3. You get answers. Fast.

Real-time results
Relax and let the survey results roll in. We do all the work, updating your Dashboard in real time.

Raw Data
Export your raw results at the click of a button. Analyze and quantify responses with the SPSS-friendly file provided.

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