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Modern media companies understand the key to not just surviving but thriving in today’s fragmented media landscape is establishing differentiation and building trust among a core set of readers through thought leadership content, participation and coverage of movements changing the world we live in and an editorial point of view that is unique and fresh.

Research Effectively

Pollfish’s groundbreaking sampling methodology, hybrid-service platform and distributed audience of over 500 million users across 120K+ apps enables our media clients to use the same solution for multiple use cases while ensuring unparalleled data accuracy and speed.

Common Use Cases:

Content Creation
Political and Event Polling
Consumer Behavior
Audience Profiling

Typical Media Users:

Journalists & Editors
Consumer insights teams
Content Marketers
Product Professionals
Sales Development teams

How modern companies create better content using market research

Research powerhouses Jessica Tarlov and Dani Thibodeau of Bustle Digital Group and Anna Pezzulli of Pollfish discuss how Bustle leveraged market research to identify and prioritize topical content that millennial women hope to see more coverage on.

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“The UX is intuitive, there's always support available for any questions we have, and results come back quickly. We've used several survey platforms for research, but Pollfish is a game-changer.”

Dani Thibodeau, Manager, Research + Insight at Bustle Digital Group

Have an Existing Internal Panel?

Most of our media clients have existing panels they have built internally, which can be a great resource for many use cases. However internal panels can often suffer from bias (as they often consist of your biggest proponents and detractors), and can suffer from survey fatigue if used too frequently.

Pollfish is a natural complement to internal panels, providing insight from a broader population, including your existing readers, prospective readers and even your competitor’s readers.

How market research can fuel content creation

Journalists and their content marketing partners use Pollfish survey data to provide unique consumer insights around the topics and themes that matter most to their readers. Formats include:

Market research can fuel content creation


Pollfish mobile surveys can be fielded in minutes, providing quantitative, unbiased and highly accurate context on the news of the day.


Pollfish survey data can provide quantitative validation of a journalist’s point of view and shed new light on a topic, trend, event or person.


Pollfish survey data can be used in columns to support a particular point of view and facilitate understanding of complex issues or events.

Political Polling:

Many of our media clients leverage Pollfish for political polling, given our unbeaten track record of predicting winners in all of the recent special with an average error or .5 percentage points.

How market research can lead to better content products

In media, product leaders partner with their editorial colleagues to create market-leading, content-based products, from mobile apps to podcasts, and everything in between. Market research should be an integral part of the entire new product development process, ensuring new products are launched to a receptive target audience and include the right mix of features and content creation.

Market research can fuel content creation

Concept Testing:

Quickly validate new product concepts with your own audience, the broader population and even your competitors audience to ensure market fit prior to investing heavily in development.

Feature Testing:

Easily deploy mobile surveys to understand audience feature preference in advance of build, ensuring you never waste precious time and development resources building features that will never be used.

Usability & UX Testing:

Readers have a lot of options and limited attention span; if the user experience isn’t perfect, they’ll get their content somewhere else. Pollfish survey data provides a quantitative complement to qualitative user testing.

Pilot & Naming Testing:

Finding the right name that isn’t overused can be challenging in most industries - even more so in media. Pollfish mobile surveys can be used to run discrete tests of new names, and can even be used to pilot multimedia products in advance of launch.

How Market Research can lead to a better understanding of your readers

Syndicated surveys from Nielsen and comScore are useful for validating your target audiences for agencies and advertisers, but they fall short when it comes to understanding the true nature of your target audiences. Internal panels provide useful consumer insights, however they are inherently biased due to nature of the sampled audience and may suffer from survey fatigue.

Pollfish survey data can fill this gap, providing unique consumer insights into your own target audience, the broader consumer market and even your competitor’s audiences.

Market Research can lead to a better understanding of your readers

Audience Profiling:

Pollfish mobile surveys are a great way to profile your target audience. We automatically profile every user on our platform (on our dime), and collect a wealth of demographic, location and behavioral data. That way you can focus on asking the really important questions unique to your business.

Consumer Behavior:

Media companies have a need to go beyond the syndicated data and understand the consumption patterns of their readers to better position these target audiences to advertisers. Pollfish mobile surveys provide a highly accurate, fast way to answer these fundamental questions and add much needed data and behavioral insight to sales development proposals.

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