Pollfish audience personas are a better way to target respondents

Pollfish persona profile is even better.

Better Targeting for Better Insights.

To really get inside the heads of your target audience and find out what they’re all about, you’ll have to go beyond surface-level targeting. Knowing someone’s age, gender, and location won’t tell you how they like to spend their free time or what their interests are; Pollfish personas will.

We are using advanced data science and algorithms to give you even more insights about your survey data, along with the users who respond to your surveys. With user personas, researchers now have the ability to truly understand the audience they are trying to reach.

Survey personas

Personas as a Targeting Option

When selecting your audience, personas are an available targeting choice in addition to what is already offered to users. Personas can be used to further narrow in on your target audience and truly get a sense for what they like/dislike. They serve as an alternative to trying to navigate through social media or browsing data for more information about your respondents.

The descriptions of each audience persona can be found at the bottom of this page if you would like to check them out.

Personas Provide Insightful Results

So who are you? An experienced marketer or a novice? No matter which one, we make it simple for everyone to understand their survey data, and who their target audience really is.

How: You get a chart. The lines are aligned according to the responses collected, pointing out your audience's characteristics. Select specific questions to look at and the alignment changes. Just like that. You have everything you need to know from your survey data about this key segment of your audience.

Now, go forth and use this deeper understanding of them in order to make better decisions. Pollfish has set you free, the rest is up to you.

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Pollfish Personas

These are the current user personas available on our platform. We are stepping things up with more personas coming soon for you to choose from.

The Traveler

Likes to discover new places to visit, as well as points of interests, such as hotels and museums.

The Musicfan

Enjoys using his/her smartphone for listening to music, likes to be up-to-date for music news and get notified about concerts and music events.

The Productivity

Likes to engage with his/her colleagues and use business applications in order to be productive.

The Bookworm

Enjoys reading books, references and magazines, as well as use his/her smartphone for education-related applications and games.

The Socialite

Likes to stay connected with his friends, as well as post on blogs and social networks.

The Sportsfan

Likes to use his/her smartphone for exercise tracking, monitor his/her health status, as well as stay tuned about his/her favourite sports.

The Gamer

Enjoys to play and discover games.

The Value shopper

Likes to organise his/her shopping list, as well as to find opportunities for great deals or discounts.

The Food and dining lover

Likes to discover places to eat and drink, as well as to read about new recipes.

The Entertainment Enthusiast

Enjoys watching movies, going to the theatre, reading movie ratings or play trivia games for popular movies and actors.

The Fashionista

Likes to be up to date with fashion news.

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