Online Surveys Versus Traditional Surveys

Why Create Online Surveys? Online Surveys Help You Make Better Decisions, Faster. You want to get things done in days – not weeks or months, so you’ve embraced the idea of getting market research data online.

Survey Goals

Defining Your Survey Goals Survey goals are an important factor in designing your survey, and selecting your sample size.

Conduct Surveys on Mobile Phones

The Mobile Movement: Why Conduct Market Research with Mobile Surveys Mobile surveys combine the principles of traditional research with scale, reach, and affordability of the smartphone-enabled economy.

Survey Delivery in Mobile Survey Network

How Do Surveys Get Delivered in the Mobile Survey Network? There are many ways to find survey respondents online, so how does Pollfish deliver their surveys in the mobile survey network?

Mobile-Friendly Surveys vs Mobile-Optimized Surveys

What’s the difference between Mobile-Friendly and Mobile-Optimized Surveys? In the age of smartphones, a mobile-optimized survey will be designed specifically for mobile users to take part in the survey in a manner that is convenient for them.

Customer Insights Using Surveys

Customer Insights – The Reason Why You Create a Survey The goal of every survey is to uncover customer insights; the knowledge you gain from planning your survey, identifying and reaching your targeting audience, structuring it well, and diving into … read more

Survey Bias

What are the causes of survey bias? Can you eliminate them? There are many ports of entry for survey bias, from the population selection method, sampling method, survey design, medium, question and answer wording, the interviewer, and in-particular, the respondents.

Targeting the Right Survey Audience

How to Find Your Survey Audience? Who Should You Target? Where Do You Find Them? If you are developing a survey, you probably have an idea of what survey audience you want to reach, right? But with all of the options … read more