Using Online Surveys to Build Customer Personas

Building Customer Personas? Let Surveys Lead You.


The world is an assortment of personas – each with a different set of thoughts, beliefs, likes and dislikes, and businesses are no exception to this rule.

As a business, your primary efforts would be directed towards acquiring new clients, ensuring their satisfaction, and retaining them. In order to overcome these daunting challenges, you have to understand your clients. However, inquiring into each of your customers’ expectations, desires and problems may not make for a practical solution. This is where ’customer persona’ comes into play.


Buyer Personas, also called Marketing or Customer Personas, are generalized representations of your ideal clients. They are fictional individuals who mirror your client-base in terms of problems faced, needs and requirements. But how can you build an appropriate customer persona that makes it easier for you to customize your techniques to the client-specific needs and behaviors? Worry not. We’ve got your back.


Creating a Customer Persona

A useful customer persona is the one that cumulatively represents the majority of clients. While a pool of information can be gathered from web analytics and through social media, understanding the current trend of market research is imperative. Online research is gradually being metamorphosed into research via mobiles, and the easiest and the most cost-effective way to conduct market research to develop customer personas is through online surveys.

Online surveys make for an indispensable tool in gathering relevant customer data. Apart from being able to design questions that are requirement-specific, they also enable you to reach out a wider to audience that includes existing customers, prospective clients and third-party networks for quick, unbiased and quality information.


What to Ask?

While undertaking an online survey, it is important to bear in mind that each business is different in its nature and offering. As such, information required for creating the ideal customer persona will vary. Here’s a general outline of segments that need to be covered in any survey for persona creation. Questions may be added or deleted to suit the relevance of your study.

  1. Role

This includes questions that offer information on the current job, educational and professional background and lifestyle.

  1. Demographics

Personal and individual details like name, age, gender, family members, location, and salary are gathered through this segment.


  1. Goals and Challenges

These questions inquire about the details on personal goals, ambitions, challenges and problems faced by the participants. As it highlights the areas of concern and various methods adopted in dealing with a variety of scenarios, it makes for an important segment in understanding the nuances of your prospective clients’ desires and needs.


  1. Reading habits

Data on reading habits of participants, like popular sources of information – blogs and articles preferred, reveal invaluable information on how to approach and convince your client base.


  1. Shopping Preferences

Leading questions on how participants would like to interact with vendors or factors that influence their buying decision are important areas to be addressed.


Identifying commonalities from the data collected can contribute in creating customer personas with which you can relate to, individually. Personalizing your content and addressing specific issues can help build a rapport with your client-base that is long standing and unbreakable. This can be the secret to a successful and progressive business.


Need help getting started? You can download a template here