Single Selection Question Design

Single Answer Question Single Selection, or Single Answer Questions are questions where a user is asked to pick only one answer, from a pre-determined set of responses of at least two or more options.

Multiple Selection Questions in Mobile Survey Design

Multiple Selection or Multiple Choice Questions Multiple Response, Multiple Selection or Multiple Choice Questions allow the respondent to choose one or more answers from set of provided responses of at least three or more options.

Rating Questions for Mobile Surveys

Rating Questions For Graphical User Feedback Rating Questions and Slider Questions allow participants to weigh, or assign numerical values to answers via a graphical interface

Open-Ended Questions in Mobile Surveys

Pros and Cons of Open-ended Questions in Mobile Surveys Free-Form or Open-ended Questions allow participants to answer questions or respond to stimulus – in their own words.

Market Research – Product Feedback

Using Mobile Surveys in Your Market Research to Obtain Product Feedback Mobile surveys can be an extremely effective tool to gauge reaction to your new product,