Customer Insights Using Surveys

Customer Insights – The Reason Why You Create a Survey

The goal of every survey is to uncover customer insights; the knowledge you gain from planning your survey, identifying and reaching your targeting audience, structuring it well, and diving into the data to see what patterns lie beneath – will help you make better business decisions.

Customer Insights

Customer insights are a collection of inputs that create a deeper understanding of a customer’s behaviors, wants and needs. These can be directly identified by the customer, or inferred by other means.

It is more than just data; it is the useful information that can be collected, analyzed, and acted upon to make decisions.

Insights can be related to:

  • Business strategy (new market opportunities, exiting old ones)
  • Branding
  • Product or Service improvements
  • Marketing Communications
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Competitive Monitoring
  • Unmet Market Needs
  • VOC – Voice of the Customer

VOC – Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer is an important business activity that captures customers’ preferences and shares them with your internal business teams to:

  • Improve the products and services that will keep the current customers you have
  • Develop new offerings that will appeal to potential customers

VOC activities were traditionally done through in-depth interviews, focus groups, customer advisory panels, and observation through ethnography. However, in the digital world, these activities would be nearly impossible to facilitate and manage, given the global reach of the Internet.

To augment your existing VOC activities, you need reach and scale to generate quality data and insights – all without breaking the bank.

Enter Mobile Market Research.

By leveraging the power of the Pollfish Mobile Survey Network, you can continuously and consistently measure and monitor your current and potential customers’ wants, needs, and pain points – to understand how they view and value your company’s offering.

You can use these insights – in both quantitative and qualitative terms – to make critical decisions on your business development activities, and refine and enhance your service offering and message to the market.