Reach and Scale of Mobile Survey Network

Want to Improve the Reach of Your Online Survey – Try a Mobile Survey Network

There are a number of factors that goes into choosing a survey audience.

Cost, size of population, confidence level, sample representation, survey response rates, and data quality are factors when considering how you will obtain a target audience to participate in your survey.

Using “traditional” online methods such as email surveys to known lists, social networks (Twitter, Facebook), ad networks (like Google, Bing) and paid survey panels have their limitations. The first is that the population that you are gathering data from is limited, already knows you, isn’t representative of your target population, can be expensive and may not yield the high quality data you are looking for.

Enter Mobile Surveys.

There are huge advantages of cost, scale, speed, and data quality with a mobile survey network. One of the main advantages is Reach.

Since Pollfish leverages a network of over 8,500 apps globally, it has unprecedented reach in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands Turkey, Germany, Chile, Columbia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa and more!

In fact, as of this posting, there are over 194,296,836 people in our global survey network – and growing! ( for most up-to-date results). You can select your audience participants by location, age range, gender – and narrow down qualified respondents through the use of a screening question.

The Benefits

Mobile user rely on their phones more than ever. And in some population segments, like millennials and developing nations who access the internet primarily via their mobile phone, it’s indispensable and with them 24 hours a day. And since Pollfish is an in-app experience, users typically answer surveys when they are most likely in an environment free from distractions, and are able to provide honest, instant feedback to your questions. And

What does that mean? You get the advantages of the world’s largest mobile survey network, at a fraction of the cost of other surveys:

  • Greater reach
  • Wide variety of populations
  • Convenience of random sampling
  • Non-panelist data
  • Higher quality data
  • Faster response time
  • Better response rates

And, you only pay for completed surveys. You don’t pay-per-respondent like other services where you pay even if a participant doesn’t qualify, or doesn’t complete all of the required questions in your survey.