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Fanmaum Case Study

Fanmaum reaches $100 eCPM with Pollfish Rewarded Surveys

Fanmaum, a Korean publisher with main focus on connecting K-pop fans all over the world, offers through their app FanPlus, a way for fans to promote...

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Monlix Case Study

Monlix Offerwall reaches $254 eCPM with Pollfish Rewarded Surveys

Monlix Offerwall is an ad unit providing offers, surveys and tasks in an offerwall style for Android, iOS and Website publishers looking to monetize...

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Givling Case Study

Givling increases ARPDAU with Pollfish Rewarded Surveys receiving 10x higher eCPMs than ads

Givling is the world's biggest trivia crowdfunding game, aiding those with student loan...

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WeWard Case Study

WeWard uses Pollfish Rewarded Surveys to provide more quality options to users to earn Wards!

WeWard is a free mobile app that already motivates over 7 million people to walk every day. By encouraging its users to walk, WeWard fights...

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