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Data quality is everything

And your current solution isn't cutting it.

Instead of fighting the future, we’re embracing it and using advanced technology to connect with real consumers.

By natively integrating with partner apps, we randomize the delivery of surveys to real consumers in targeted demographics while they are organically engaged with the apps on their devices.

We can do better

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Market research needs a wake up call.

For the last several decades, market research methodologies—from random digit dialing, to online panels, to river sampling— have evolved in response to shifts in technology, consumer behavior, and flaws within the methodologies themselves. With nowhere else to turn, researchers have had to settle for these outdated methods, while data quality became the victim.

So we came up with a solution.

We developed Organic Sampling, a next-generation sampling methodology built on a new delivery framework called Random Device Engagement (RDE) - an approach that some academics and researchers are already calling the future of market research .

Raise the bar with Organic Sampling

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Targeted and Randomized

Respondents are invited using a double opt-in to avoid the pitfalls of river sampling: they confirm their interest, our proprietary backend technology collects and verifies their unique user ID to create a profile, and they join our respondent pool where they may be invited to take a survey if they fit the targeting criteria.

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Reach real people in real situations

Insights are only accurate if the data is authentic, meaning that respondents shouldn’t be asked to leave their regular routines to complete a survey. Rather than sending respondents to their inbox or recruiting through banner ads or pop-ups, our survey methodology uses programmatic delivery and a mobile-optimized UX to send in-app invitations to respondents while they are naturally engaged on their device.

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Mobile integration and delivery

Native integration with our 120K+ partner apps allows us to easily send surveys as advertising alternatives to users who already have the apps installed, giving us reflexive, immediate responses directly from targeted samples of consumers without disrupting their mobile experience or creating a biased atmosphere.

AI-driven fraud prevention

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With the advances in technology comes advances in fraud, but we’re two steps ahead.

We developed a proprietary algorithm using machine learning technology that detects fraudulent bots and suspicious activities at the question level—detecting anything from nonsensical open-ended responses to questionnaires being answered too quickly. Our in-app integration with partnered apps paired with artificial intelligence removes insincere responses immediately.

Even if there isn’t a reason to be suspicious, our distributed global network of over half a billion people lets us discard responses that don’t fit 100% of your targeting criteria.

Transparent Demographics

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We rely exclusively on our distributed global network of real consumers.

This allows us to avoid the typical problems that traditional panels face, such as declining participation, panel fatigue and conditioning. In fact, we help correct these issues by making our audience accessible through third-party providers.

We have nothing to hide,

so we pass the holistic consumer insights onto you. Our Dynamic Sample Book offers a prediction of the incidence rate of the survey sample audience before the launch of each survey, and when the survey is complete, we’ll automatically provide you with respondents’ demographic data at no additional cost.

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Join us & Get Real

We’re done settling for methodologies that produce mediocre data quality, which is why we are disrupting the legacy systems and offering a solution to their shortcomings.

We raised our standards to only provide the most accurate, representative insights about real consumers in real time.

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