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Personal data request

We at Pollfish take the data privacy of our respondents very seriously and are committed to abiding by the associated governing laws. Specific laws apply to the personal information of Californian residents. For further details, please review our privacy policy on

As a Californian resident, you have certain rights regarding the personal data that is held about you. We support the CCPA by allowing California residents to opt-out of any future sale of their personal information by following the instructions below:


Please visit your Google Settings on your phone in the Ads section and copy and submit your Advertising Identifier in the field below.


Please visit your Privacy section in Settings and then choose Advertising. After that, you can enable Limit Ad Tracking. If you are able to retrieve your Advertising identifier you can also submit it in the field below in order to opt-out.


In order to find the cookie stored by the Pollfish web plugin, you need to open the cookie section within your browser and filter cookies with the domain name of the website that hosts the Pollfish web plugin. Then once you see the list with all the cookies from that website you need to copy the value of the cookie "uuid" and paste it in the field below.