Global GSK Shingles Survey Insights

Shingles misconceptions: new global survey commissioned and funded by GSK highlights widespread misunderstandings on…

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B2B sales emails

B2B Sales Emails: Are they Effective or a Nuisance?

Are B2B sales emails a thorn in your side? Do they drive you crazy? Virtually all white-collar workers find themselves…

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know your customers

The business/customer disconnect: 82.4% don’t confidently know their pain points 😧

Customer-centric… Buzzword or core model? For great brands, it rings true, but what about for the majority of small…

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go green

Brands “Going Green” for ROI — 5 Insights

How impactful is your brand’s stance on the environment? We ran this survey to find out these 5 key insights below. 1.…

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500 survey responses on cliché marketing tactics 📊

Are cliché marketing tactics impactful? We surveyed 500 consumers to find out. Our 7 key insights are below. The full…

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customer shopping habits

3 Summer 2022 Consumer Trends 🌊 ☀️

It’s not all palm trees 🌴and Mai Tai’s 🍹this summer.  Your July/August vacation costs quite a bit more this time…

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end of remote work

Pollfish Trending Topics: Elon Musk Wants to End WFH, A Caked Mona Lisa & the Supreme Court Blocks Social Media Texas Law

In this week’s edition of Trending Topics, we delve into several news topics of the past few weeks, their cultural…

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Depp v Heard trial

Pollfish Trending Topics: The Depp Vs. Heard Trial, the Baby Formula Shortage, Gun Violence & More

Welcome to the first installment of Pollfish Trending Topics, a blog series in which we explore current news, cultural…

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Survey target audience

How To Select A Target Audience For Your Online Survey

Selecting the correct survey target audience is one of the most crucial steps when you conduct a survey. After all,…

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Distribute a Survey with these 5 Survey Distribution Methods To Get More Respondents

You should distribute a survey in all research endeavors, as it grants you actionable data you can use to drive a…

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A mobile decentralized and democratized ResTech space

“I do not believe you can do today's job with yesterday's methods and expect to be in business tomorrow.”   --…

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Christmas 2021 consumer trends

Christmas 2021 Consumer Trends – Omicron Impacted Plans for Over 50% & Omnichannel Shopping Rules

With the holiday season in full swing, we at Pollfish sought to discover Christmas 2021 consumer trends, plans,…

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Over Half of Americans Couldn’t Cover $1,500 Emergency Expenses — Pollfish Survey Finds

This post was contributed by Mike Brown of Breeze. Who's kidding who? Money really does make the world go round. It’s…

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How to Make an Audience out of the Multilingual Generation Z

Gen Z should be part of your consumer research for consumer engagement. No one should ever underestimate a Gen Z’s…

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Cultural Awareness of Foreign Holidays from Around the World

Around the world, people coexist in countries with those of various ethnic and national backgrounds. With diversity…

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Pollfish Client Discovers the Financial Impact of Unpaid Maternity Leave

This post was contributed by Mike Brown of Breeze.   When it comes to maternity leave in the United States, there…

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Increasing Mobile Game Retention Rate

Mobile gaming market growth over the last few years has created a big competition in the mobile games landscape and…

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Rewarded Surveys – The IDFA-less app monetization solution for iOS

With the newly released privacy enforcement changes in April 2021 by Apple on iOS 14, a lot of restructuring has taken…

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Let’s talk about Survey Offerwalls

  Offerwalls are an ad monetization format that is widely used nowadays and have been around for more than a…

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River Sampling Versus RDE Sampling: Which is Superior for Market Research

Market Research River Sampling Versus RDE Sampling: Which is…

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Global Customer Expectations Survey: 41% of Global Customers Think International Businesses Are Getting it Right

Fulfilling customer expectations on a global level can be a challenging objective — that’s why we at Pollfish surveyed…

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Using artificial intelligence software to build relentless quality

Using Artificial intelligence Software to Build Relentless Quality. Ensuring high-quality data and increasing…

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Monetization Practices in the Fitness App Market

Fitness App Market: Increase of Downloads and Revenue over the last year The Health and Fitness category is one of the…

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77% of Americans claim that they will stick with dating apps to meet new partners in the post-COVID-19 era

  The COVID-19 era may have made people wary of getting on real-life dates, but the truth is that dating apps…

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