Brands “Going Green” for ROI — 5 Insights

How impactful is your brand’s stance on the environment?

We ran this survey to find out these 5 key insights below.

1. Nearly 64% are more likely to buy from eco-friendly brands. 

Wow, that’s a lot of influence.

A whopping two-thirds (63.69%) of customers combined said that brands that support social and environmental causes influence said customers to buy from them specifically.

About a quarter (24.6%) aren’t sure.

Only 11.7% of customers said they wouldn’t be swayed to buy more.

The takeaway here is that these issues are, in fact, important to the masses.

So if you want to reel in more customers and profits:

  • Contribute to a social or environmental cause (and showcase it).
  • Or, at least take a stance indicating what you support.

2. 41% trust brands when they say they’re green.

Trust is scarce in the business world. 

Yet, when it comes to going green, at least (41.27%) highly believe them, with some consumers saying they fact check and others saying they do not.

The takeaway? 

Don’t shy away from injecting some green into:

  • Customer-facing messages
  • Ads
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Web content
  • The products themselves. 

It’ll only elevate your reputation.

3. 35% buy eco-friendly groceries all the time, but what about in other categories?

We presented a list of 12 common product categories.

Then, we asked how often people buy eco-friendly in each one.

Groceries got the highest vote — 35.32% of customers buy green groceries all the time.

Household items came in at number 2 at 27.38%.

Next is health products (24.21%), followed by cosmetics (24.01%),  and then pet products (23.81%).

shopping habits

These stats prove that customers are on the hunt for eco-friendly versions of everyday products. 

What does all this mean?

It’s time to consider manufacturing/marketing green products.

4. 53% go out of their way for eco-friendly products.

Customers expect eco-friendly products, and actively search, too.

34.33% comb through different retailers, shops and websites to find eco-friendly products more often than not. 19.05% do so all the time. 

In total, 53.38% of customers actively search for greener products.

Are you a small brand that can pivot easily? Go green to gain market share.

5. 57% have a new reason to support your green brand.

The Supreme Court just limited the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in regulating the reduction of carbon emissions, which cause climate change.

Collectively, 56.95% of our respondents believe this decision will impact the climate.

Only 12.89% believe that it doesn’t.

These stats show that your customers are a lot more eco-savvy than they might let on.

This ruling also allows you to shift your brand towards being green to oppose the decision.

All in all, your customers care about going green and climate change.

So should your brand.

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