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DIY Market Research

Reinventing Market Research

Pollfish is the only DIY market research provider with an end-to-end solution, focusing on a mobile-first approach and delivering real-time responses from 250 million+ real consumers around the world.

Offering the broadest distribution network and narrow targeting, we find the right audience for any research campaign — at speed and at scale. We also offer multiple options for conducting market research — A/B testing, templates, advanced questionnaire logic and more.

The Pollfish Promise

An Unparalleled Market Research Experience

Agile Data

Pollfish is an agile solution — and not just due to its top-notch speed. Pollfish provides a platform built for countless iterations, allowing you to complete any research endeavor with timely insights.

Relentless Quality

Pollfish applies a vast system of quality checks — weeding out survey fraud, bots, gibberish answers and much more — to ensure you’re reaping the most quality data. You can rest assured that all responses line up with your targeting criteria.

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The Pollfish Promise

Global Support

Find global support from both the Pollfish support team and a vast network of global respondents. Not only is Pollfish support here for you 24/7, but we also reach respondents in over 160 markets (countries) through our 140,000+ app/website partners.

We empower you to deploy surveys in all the languages from markets abroad, along with providing open-ended responses translated and stored in US English for a uniform analysis.


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See how we’re reinventing market research for a new era.

Existing Audience

Hyper target any target audience with granular demographic screening options and psychographic screening questions. Reach a wide pool of respondents across geographies. Need to study various audiences under one survey? No problem, just use our Multiple Audiences feature. Set your own quotas and language.

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Ease of Use

Not only will Pollfish grant you all the insights you seek, but our platform is user-friendly and intuitive. You can set up a survey via three easy sections. Select questions from various survey templates, run an A/B test and more. If you ever need further help, our team of experts is here to assist you 24/7.

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Surveys are easy to launch and results can be seen in real-time on the Pollfish dashboard. Speedy results bring you necessary data quickly, with most surveys taking no more than two days to complete. Some will be completed within hours.

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Pollfish Technology

User-friendly cutting edge technology

With market research being a complex endeavor, technology should refine its simplicity. Pollfish focuses on empowering the non-technical members of your team with the insights they need — starting with the most intuitive survey creation and launch platform in the market.

Dynamic sampling and Random Device Engagement

Our unique approach to finding the respondents you’re looking for, where and when they’re most likely to respond. Using our own innovation RDE approach, our platform reaches digital users organically, opts them in voluntarily and cuts back on the survey bias found in survey panels and other respondent pre-recruiting methods.

Machine learning/AI

We’re leading the industry in investing in technology to understand when responses are not thoughtful or accurate.

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