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Uncover unique data insights with our reporting tools

The most advanced reporting tool available gives you the power to sort, filter, and analyze data from your survey.

Results are accessible in real time, allowing you to perform specific filtering and segmentation to extrapolate key data insights.

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Targeting Filters

The left side of the Dashboard displays your chosen targeting criteria. Select what filters to include and watch you results change accordingly for a more in-depth data analysis.

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Filter by Question and Answer

Just click on any question or answer to further analyze the resulting subset of data at your convenience.

You can also exclude answers

You can use the same feature to exclude responses from your set of data and analyze the results.

You can also exclude answers

You can use the same feature to exclude responses from your set of data and analyze the results.

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Advanced Filtering

Choose from a very large number of additional filtering options such as location, education, employment status or operating system used. Just click to add and get more data insights on your selected audience.

Audience Demographics

All survey results are accompanied with the demographic data that we have on our respondents. First-hand data, collected by running our own demographic surveys, updated at certain intervals. Use this data to gain valuable insights on your respondents and much more.

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Export results in PDF and XLSX files

Download a pdf presentation of your survey results at the click of a button and add it to your results analysis. Send a pdf of the results to your client or colleague. Run SPSS analysis on you results with the help of the downloadable excel results. The choice is yours. The data is yours. The power is yours.

Add more responses to your running survey

Got your survey design down to a tee and like your results so far? Want to take it a step further? Just click on the "Add more responses" and we will send out your mobile survey again and again and again.


Getting access to your target audience could not be easier with our advanced targeting options. With a worldwide audience of over 500 million users to choose from, and the ability to target by marital status, age, gender, location and many more, the possibilities are endless. You are only a few clicks away from finding valuable customer insights.

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