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Powerful Features. Simple Design.

Designing your questionnaire is easy and fun. We do all the heavy lifting for you, with question types and features especially crafted to address the most common research objectives out there.

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Survey question types

Be it something as simple as a Single Selection question, or as complicated as an NPS question, we've got you covered.

  • Single selection
  • Multiple selection
  • Open ended
  • Numeric open ended
  • Description
  • Rating stars
  • Slider
  • Ranking
  • Matrix single selection
  • Matrix Multiple selection
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Question type

    Single selection

    A user can select one answer from several options

    Question type

    Multiple selection

    A user can select many answers from several options

    Question type

    Open ended

    Users submit their own answers

    Question type

    Numeric open ended

    Users' answers are in numeric values

    Question type


    Add a plain description to inform users about something

    Question type

    Rating stars

    User can tap stars to rate

    Question type


    User can drag a button to rate

    Question type


    User can tap buttons to rank the answers

    Question type

    Matrix single selection

    Users tap to enter a single answer in each category

    Question type

    Matrix Multiple selection

    Users tap to enter multiple answers in each category

    Question type

    Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    Users tap to enter NPS value

    Add a media file to any question

    Single/Multiple Selection, Rating, Slider, Open-ended, Ranking or Matrix Questions.

    • Respondents have to watch the entire video in order to proceed with the survey, ensuring you get a response to your question.

    • Test your video ad before you release it to the public and hear what your audience likes or dislikes about it.

    Screening questions

    You may include up to 2 Screening Questions to your survey.

    Ask a Screening Question to allow or block respondents from taking your survey, based on their answer.

    Users that do not pass your Screening Question do not take the survey, are not included in your results nor are you charged for them.

    Advanced features

    More options and features give you increased value for money, taking your questionnaire to that extra level.


    Shuffle answers

    Shuffle answers in reverse order, shuffle answers but keep the last answer fixed and many more shuffling options take the headache out off how to arrange your answers.


    Skip logic

    Direct respondents down different paths in your survey by using Skip Logic. You choose which question respondents are asked, based on their previous answers and we take care of the rest.


    "Other" and "None of the above" as an answer

    Pre-designed "Other" and "None of the above" options give you the ability to gather more useful information from respondents and analyze their responses, too.

    You are never alone

    Our team of experts reviews all surveys that have been submitted to us and will examine your survey's methodology and design.

    Survey templates

    Our survey templates are there to help you get started, with useful questions on Brand Awareness or Concept Testing, for example.


    Our advanced reporting tool gives you the power to sort, filter, and analyze data from your survey - in real-time. And when you are done, you can choose whether to download an excel or pdf presentation too.

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