5 Survey Distribution Methods To Get More Respondents

You’ve created the perfect survey. What survey distribution methods will get you the most respondents?

You’ve mulled over this more times than you’ve been to the coffee machine. You’ve decided on the perfect survey methodology, created survey questions, created every combination of answers – even perfected the order of the questions. Then you reviewed it, and changed. Shared it with someone else for their review, and probably changed it again.

So now, it’s perfect. You should get the exact data you want, from the people you want to reach.

Only one problem – how do you distribute your survey so you reach the right respondents?

You can try distributing your survey by any one or combination of the following methods:

  1. Telephone surveys, but with so few people actually answering calls from unfamiliar number, there is diminishing effectiveness for this method in the digital age.
  2. In-person interviews – which are time-consuming, but can be effective. You can get in-depth responses and measure reactions and body language, but this limits your exposure to wide audiences, and this methods is subject to interviewer bias.
  3. Social media polls can work – but you can’t ask a lot of questions and you are most likely limited to the audience of people you are connected to.
  4. Google Search Ads  – where you actually advertise your survey via AdWords, but this can get expensive, as there is no guarantee that people who click the ad will finish the survey. You also have to be really good at writing copy to get people to click the ad, and you need to outrank anyone else for similar keywords.
  5. Survey platforms that exist online, reach people via email or 3rd party web site – and now, you can reach people where they spend their time the most – on mobile.

At Pollfish, we take a slightly different approach to reaching survey respondents, as we value the experience of the user, and want to provide the researcher with the highest-quality data.

  • We don’t recruit or pay panelists
  • We don’t distribute surveys through paid channels like Social Media, Google Ads, or Affiliates
  • We don’t force people to answer a survey to unlock premium content
  • We don’t pay respondents per survey, or referral

We have over 290M consumers in our Survey Network – primarily on mobile.

So how do we get access to  them?

We enable the app publisher to incentivize a respondent for participating in one of two ways.

  1. Publishers can provide in-app rewards for participation
  2. Survey respondents are prompted and are entered in to a random drawing

We’ve found that by using this approach:

  • We get better survey respondents – they’re engaged in the app, and have a high response rate since they aren’t distracted by other outside influences. And, they’re not interested in blowing through a survey for a payment, because of the wrong incentive. If the subject matter isn’t appealing, they simply opt-out of it and return to their app.
  • We get faster response times (how’s 750 completed 10Q surveys in an hour sound?)
  • We provide a better respondent experience, since respondents  can take a survey at their convenience, in-app, when they feel like it, on a survey designed for mobile devices)

So, there are many survey distribution methods, but only one that can get you access to over 280M random, anonymous respondents who will give you better data and insights on your survey topic.