Let’s talk about Survey Offerwalls


Offerwalls are an ad monetization format that is widely used nowadays and have been around for more than a decade. With Offerwalls, users can choose from a variety of different offers and get the relevant reward upon completing an action such as downloading an app. The more important the offer, the higher the reward. Offerwalls exist in both web and mobile.


While the initial Offerwall solutions were focusing mainly in-app installs a lot of different offers started to appear through the years. Subscriptions, sign-ups, videos and other actions can now be found in the Offerwalls. 

One of the Offerwall major new entries over the last years was the introduction of surveys in the available offers. Market Research provides higher incentives and therefore in no time, surveys became one of the most popular categories of offers, in the ad Offerwalls. A lot of the ad networks either created dedicated sections for surveys while other ad networks started offering exclusively such solutions.


Pollfish, as the pioneer in this market, has launched its own Survey Offerwall back in 2013, which is today used by thousands of publishers who are looking to monetize their content with alternative formats that combine nice user experience and attractive payouts.


Why use Offerwalls?

There is a constant debate in the community on which is the best ad format that properly balances revenue with user experience. Offerwalls are widely used today since they offer:


  • A better user experience for the player: Offerwalls do not disturb the app’s flow so users look for them and do not consider them as ads.
  • Increased Engagement: Users can complete multiple survey offers which offer high rewards, extending their stay in the app and boosting this way retention.
  • Higher Payouts: Market Research monetization pays way more than any other ad format. Incomparable high eCPMs makes it an easy choice.
  • Boost IAP: Offerwalls when used along with IAP can contribute significantly in making the users stick with the app and make an IAP.


Pollfish Survey Offerwall Benefits

Many reasons come into play when looking into Survey Offerwalls in particular. Below we will list some of the benefits offered by Pollfish Survey Offerwall for the publishers


On the Dashboard publishers can customize the look & feel of their Survey Offerwall by changing the theming to meet their app’s environment, uploading their logo and/or setting different virtual reward names and exchange rates to be rendered in the UI of the Offerwall.


Detailed Real-time Reports

Publishers can have access to real-time reports of the Offerwall’s performance with insights on the eCPMs, conversions, funnel events and revenue drilled down even per country or per survey provider.

On top of that a dedicated section offers real-time access to all s2s callbacks along with deep user logs which are searchable by the id of the user and can can be the tool-to-use by the publisher’s support team to speed up customer service

Special Offers

Publishers can easily schedule multiple credit promotions on specific timeframes to increase engagement and retention


Top Quality Survey Offers

Pollfish works with some of the top brands out there, providing access to partners from surveys drafted from companies such as Netflix, Adidas, Kantar and other Fortune 500 companies.

Inventory Control & Transparency

Publishers can have full control on the inventory available in their Pollfish Survey Offerwall. On their Dashboard they can enable or disabled survey providers based on their performance and place filters (price floors, minimum conversion allowed etc) to get access only to the inventory they are interested in.

Publishers can also filter out in their integration pollfish surveys that include specific keywords extending further this way the control they have in the inventory.

Dedicated Customer Support (24/7)

No matter what is needed, the Pollfish support team is available 24/7 to make sure that both users and publishers have the best experience with the Pollfish Survey Offerwall.


Survey Offerwall Placements

The next question that comes to mind is how the Survey Offerwall could fit into an app or a game & what would be the best practices in order to maximize its potential.Βelow, we present you some cases of apps / games that currently use the Pollfish Survey Offerwall:


Earn Coins

Several apps & games in the space have a dedicated Earn Coins Section in which users can earn coins that can be redeemed. With the case of a Survey Offerwall a user can answer multiple surveys in order to maximize the amount of available coins. In the example of Readoo a user can answer surveys to earn coins in order to download different novels.



Alternative to In-App Purchases

Since only a small proportion of users would spend some dollars with IAP to access premium features of an app, other alternatives such as a Survey Offerwall is provided to the users to earn free credits without having to pay.




Survey Offerwalls are here to stay, delivering high eCPMs and better user experience than traditional Offerwalls. Market Research managed through the years to capture a significant part in the available offers on the Offerwalls and therefore it is considered nowadays one of the most popular categories that users look for.