Buy Survey Responses

A guide to buying survey responses. Not.

So you’ve spent hours online, trying to figure out how to best do Market Research. And you’ve decided that you need to do a survey; so, off you go to buy response online. Where to start? You are looking everywhere for a guide, some tips to get started. You probably need a list of the Advantages of online surveys, and why you should buy survey responses; a tidy, clean-cut list. Well, we don’t have one. Because there is no one-solution-fits-all list.

No, we are not going to tell the same things over and over again. We are not going to list the advantages of buying survey responses online. How using online surveys is a great way to find out what your customers want in order to retain them. Or how they can provide information on how to attract new customers. We are not even going to go on about how using our platform to buy survey responses can be faster than using a focus group or carrying out telephone interviews. How you will save time by doing an online survey and increase your productivity. How your data is instantly available to you. How you can buy survey responses from respondents that are much more likely to respond honestly since the surveys are tailored to them, being relevant to their interests or even how it can be a lot cheaper to buy survey responses online compared to spending money and resources to mail written surveys and manually enter their responses into a database. Nope. Not going to do that. Certainly not.


What we’ll discuss is why you should choose Pollfish.


  • Because of its ease of use by respondents. Everyone can access the internet very easily nowadays and most do it through their mobiles. We send out your survey to respondents’ mobiles and they pick the moment that suits them best to complete it.
  • Because of its ease of use by researchers. Increase your productivity by using time-efficient methods. Results are instantly available, in software-friendly files, ready to analyse in more detail if you need to.
  • Because of the online results available to you at any time, through your online Dashboard. Act quickly, create graphs and share your results with anyone.
  • Because of the over 72 filters available to use; you can filter from anything to Career or Income Level. Drill down to single answers given, building the correlations you need from the right target audience.
  • Because of the different presentation and download formats available to all. Pie charts, Columns or Bars. Raw data, pdf presentations, download or export. Whatever you prefer, your choice.
  • Because of the 24/7 Support available, that takes the hassle out of buying survey responses.
  • These are just some of the reasons why using Pollfish to buy survey responses is a one-way street. Go ahead, create a survey today!


P.S. Still not clear on what to do next? Which format to use? How to filter? How to export? Reach out to our Support Team, they’re there 24/7, waiting to help!