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Tap into the survey marketplace with a single SDK

The first survey mediation platform

Connect your app to all the leading survey providers and market research companies out there

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Monetize with Rewarded Surveys

The most profitable way to monetize your traffic

Get paid for your users' opinions from any part of the world

Integrate with just 1 line of code


The only transparent & customizable survey mediation platform

eCPMs of up to $200
Full control & transparency
Highest fill rates & conversions
Dynamic & optimized waterfall
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The most unique and high performing survey format out there

Min $0.30 per survey completed through your app.

  • Average survey length: 7-8 questions
  • Multiple question types used: Single, Multiple etc
  • Build on the Pollfish DIY tool
Disable/enable survey formats from your Publisher Dashboard, without the need for code changes.

Fluctuating price, based on survey length.

  • Short, one-page image question surveys
  • Average survey length: 3-4 questions
  • Answers given by others displayed instantly
  • Build on the Pollfish DIY tool

A gamified user’s experience

Pollfish surveys are fun and keep users engaged
through a playful user experience.

Example images of the respondent views

Get access to surveys from leading brands and research firms out there



How it works

Reward your users for completing surveys!

Pollfish Rewarded Surveys work in the exact same placements like Rewarded Videos or Ad Offerwalls

  • Real time reporting and transparency
  • The fastest payment cycle in Market Research (Monthly Net14)
  • Real time fraud validation
  • Pay on screenouts (optional)

Payouts on Screenouts

Pay on screenouts

Respecting your users' time!

Market Researchers pay only for successfully completed surveys. In Market Research monetization, users might not always be relevant with a survey and can get disqualified in the process.

Pollfish is committed in providing an optimal user experience, with respect to the respondents' time always in mind.

  • Enable payouts on screenouts per network
  • Reward users for their time
  • Keep users motivated in completing surveys


Advanced Control

Pollfish mediation platform provides advanced control to all mediation survey networks and surveys provided by them, through the Pollfish Dashboard without the need for changes in code.

  • Enable/Disable Mediation Network
  • Set maximum LOI per network
  • Set minimum IR per network
  • Set minimum price per network
  • Enable/Disable desktop surveys
  • Enable/Disable payouts on screenout
Pollfish provides also the option to filter out surveys with specific keywords.
Mediation Network Example

Know your users

Get access to deep data and demographic info for your users

Unlike traditional analytics platforms we give you real-time access to deep demographic data and other insights for your users both on your Dashboard and on your server side

Real time reports on demographics per user!

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Survey your users at any time

Get access to the DIY survey tool for free

Learn what your users want
Take action based on user feedback
Get tangible insights
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