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Monetize with surveys

Use Market Research to earn money from your apps.

How it works


Install the SDK

Add the Pollfish SDK or Webplugin to your app or website, integrate our one line of code and you're good to go.


Users respond to surveys

Users take surveys, sharing their opinions or simply just to receive a reward.


Start gaining revenue

Earn a minimum of $0.30 for every survey completed through your app.

A format that users love!

  • “I hate ads!”
    A Pollfish user
  • “I prefer surveys, because I ignore the ads anyway.”
    A Pollfish user
  • “Ads are really annoying and more common.”
    A Pollfish user
  • “Surveys are fun!”
    A Pollfish user
  • “Taking surveys is less boring than watching ads.”
    A Pollfish user
  • “Surveys give me something to do instead of waiting for the ad to finish.”
    A Pollfish user
  • “Surveys are more focused on individual.”
    A Pollfish user
  • “A survey wants to know what I think, but ads think they know what I want.”
    A Pollfish user
  • “I could give MY opinion with answering surveys”
    A Pollfish user
  • “Surveys can be relevant to my life”
    A Pollfish user
  • “I feel like my opinion is valued.”
    A Pollfish user
  • “It involves me.”
    A Pollfish user
  • “Surveys ask me what I like instead of telling me what to like.”
    A Pollfish user
  • “I tend to ignore ads but surveys are more interactive, so I like them.”
    A Pollfish user
  • “I love to read and answer surveys.”
    A Pollfish user
  • “Surveys earn me more points.”
    A Pollfish user
  • “Surveys are interesting, worth more, and non repetitive, you don’t have to watch and see the same ad a million times.. ”
    A Pollfish user
  • “Taking surveys is much easier and faster.”
    A Pollfish user
  • “I hate having to wait for ads to finish.”
    A Pollfish user
  • “Surveys are a fun and relaxing way to spend your day.”
    A Pollfish user
  • “I prefer to be in control and fill out the survey at my own speed.”
    A Pollfish user
  • “Taking surveys feels like a choice.”
    A Pollfish user
  • “I can do a survey on my time and be more selective.”
    A Pollfish user

Monthly payments Net14

Choose from a variety of different payment methods.

More options depending on your location.

Survey Formats

Basic Surveys

Min $0.30 per survey completed through your app.

  • Average survey length: 7-8 questions
  • Multiple question types used: Single, Multiple etc
  • Build on the Pollfish DIY tool

Playful Surveys

Fluctuating price, based on survey length.

  • Short, one-page image question surveys
  • Average survey length: 3-4 questions
  • Answers given by other displayed instantly
  • Build on the Pollfish DIY tool

3rd Party Surveys

Min $0.30 per survey completed through your app.

  • Highest payment format
  • Launched in an external browser
  • Different to the Pollfish survey native experience
  • Build and received by 3rd party partners
Disable/enable survey formats from your Publisher Dashboard, without the need for code changes.

Try out our demo apps on your device or browser to experience the different survey formats.

Integration options

Standard Integration Approach

  • Initialize with a single line of code.
  • No need for changes in the UI.
  • Surveys automatically rendered as an overlay.
Less than 2 minutes integration

Rewarded Integration Approach

  • Use Pollfish surveys to incentivize your app users.
  • Reward them with your own virtual currency or by unlocking a new app feature.
Implementing rewarded surveys - Step by Step Learn more
Use enhanced security to track your earnings with Server-to-Server callbacks Learn more

Pollfish Incentives

As a publisher, you may choose to enable incentivization of your users by Pollfish, with gift card draws participation.

Disable/enable Pollfish gift card draws from your Pollfish Publisher Dashboard, without the need for code changes.

Get FREE access to the Pollfish DIY survey tool

Create internal surveys within your app and gather feedback instantly.

Listen to and engage your app users

Get actionable insights, learn what your users want and take actions based on user feedback.

Leverage Market Research power like a pro

Design your survey questions using features like survey skip logic, randomization of answers, open-ended, image, video, slider and rating question types.

Start a conversation with your users today

Real time reporting

Track your app's earning performance in real time.

Understand your app's audience

Valuable insights from your user base: Age, Location, Gender and much more.

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