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Pollfish Competitive Analysis

Survey your competitor's audience.

After all, they’re your target audience, too. Why not ask them directly which gaps your competitors aren’t fulfilling?

Competitive insights help you better understand how your potential customers are discovering your competitor’s product, feature preferences, user behavior and more.

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Screening Questions

While we do offer extremely narrow targeting across demographic data, location, and mobile usage—you need to survey specific consumers in your competitor’s audience.

Screening questions are the ideal way to narrowly define an audience segment based on a user’s behavior, such as what or how frequently they buy from your competitor.

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You're in control

Competitive audiences can be targeted on our self - serve platform either through screening questions or through a selection of competitive apps installed on their Android devices, before fielding your questionnaire.

Know your whole audience

Compare survey responses from your competitor’s audiences to your existing customers - as well as the broader population -when you run similar surveys across multiple audiences.