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Starting from $0.95 per completed survey response

Google Surveys

Google Surveys

Google is great for search, but when it comes to unbiased audience samples, that’s another story.

Google Consumer Surveys is a free survey tool that uses a paywall model to secure panelist participation. Why is this method flawed? Users are blocked from reaching their destination until they interact with a survey that they may have no interest in participating in. This means you’ll have “unintended survey takers,” rushing to get through the survey as quickly as possible to get to their destination— and poor data quality as a result.

Pollfish is different

Instead of forcing respondents to take surveys, or assuming they want to, we reach real consumers on their mobile devices give them the option to participate while they are engaged in the apps they know and love. Our respondents opt-in as survey takers and self-report their demographics (rather than infer from their web behavior). This results in better data quality from our surveys.

Google Surveys Targeting Capabilities vs Pollfish

Google Surveys
Age range
Marital status
Number of children
household income
US Postal Code
US Census Region
US Census Division
US Congressional District
Mobile Carrier
mobile device manufacturer
os platform
Targeting locations
114 countries, 345 cities
60 countries
type of audience reached
Random, Opt-in
Random, Opt-in
On every targeting option

The difference in Targeting.

1. Global Network

Pollfish provides access to real consumers in 160 countries, 345 cities -who have already opted- in to take mobile surveys. Not even Google can match our network.

2. Radius Targeting

Sure, Google can see your house from space, but can they survey within 1 square mile of it? Use our radius targeting to select a specific target area by choosing a spot on the map and fielding your survey. Now you can target visitors at Disneyland or the concert crowd at Madison Square Garden.

3. No Demographic Survey Limits

We don’t infer who our respondents are from their web behavior (we ask and verify to create a profile.) Plus, we offer more demographic survey capabilities , than Google such as race, marital status, education level, and DMA to make sure you reach the right target audience. See how it works yourself with these survey results.

Google Surveys Cost vs Pollfish

Google Surveys
Cost Per Completed Survey / 1 Question
$0.95 per completed survey
$0.1 per completed survey
Cost Per Completed Survey / 2-5 Questions
$0.95 per completed survey
$1 per completed survey
Cost Per Completed Survey / 6-10 Questions
$1 per completed survey
Not Supported
Cost Per Completed Survey / 11-15 Questions
Not Supported
Cost Per Completed Survey / 16-20 Questions
Not Supported
Cost Per Completed Survey / 21-25 Questions
Not Supported
Cost Per Completed Survey / 26-30 Questions
Not Supported
Cost Per Completed Survey / 31-35 Questions
Not Supported
Cost Per Completed Survey / 36-40 Questions
Not Supported
Cost Per Completed Survey / 41-45 Questions
Not Supported
Cost Per Completed Survey / 46-50 Questions
Not Supported
Location Targeting
No additional cost
+ $1.5 per completed survey
Screening question pricing
+ $0.5 per completed survey
+ $3 per completed survey (minimum)
Gender Selection
+ $0.5 per completed survey
+ $0.5 per completed survey
Age range selection
+ $0.5 - $1 per completed survey
+ $0.5 per completed survey
+ $0.5 per completed survey
No additional cost
No additional cost

The difference in Cost.

1. Screen Time

We know your target audience is worth that $3 minimum charge Google has for each screener, but we don’t think you should pay it. Not when we can give you your screener for just 50 cents per completed response.

2. Quotas on every Survey Question

In addition to allowing quotas on every survey question, our quotas only cost 50 cents per completed survey response. (Google Surveys doesn’t even offer quotas.).

Google Surveys Question Options vs Pollfish

Google Surveys
Number of questions
Up to 50
Up to 10
Number of screening questions
Skip logic
Randomize answers
Matrix question type
Rating scale
Video may be added to all question types
Video precedes question
Side by side images

The difference in Questionnaires.

1. A Lot To Ask

We’ll give you up to 50 questions per survey. Google Surveys only provides 10.

2. Ask Another Way

In addition to allowing you to create larger surveys, we offer more types of survey questions —including matrix questions, sliders, ranking questions—to choose from.

Google Surveys Results vs Pollfish

Google Surveys
Real time results dashboard
Cross tab examination
Filter by targeting criteria
Filter by all platform demographics and data
Data export in excel, in SPSS-friendly file

The difference in Analysis.

1. Location, Location, Location

Filter your results by location in many different ways. From DMA and US Census region to postal code and even US Congressional District.

2. A Different Kind of Audience Targeting

Because Pollfish targets on mobile apps through our unique app partnerships, you have access to--and the ability to filter results by--data like mobile carrier, mobile device manufacturer and OS platform.

3. Better Segmentation

Our collection method lets us build more robust profiles of survey respondents up front, so you don’t have to waste screening questions or money to learn basic demographic information. It’s all included.

Google Surveys Support vs Pollfish

Google Surveys
Support & Survey Creation Guidance
Live, 24-7 support
Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM PST
Credit Card Billing
Invoiced monthly
Survey templates

The difference in Support.

1. Support on your Schedule

Pollfish offers live 24/7 support so you can get the help you need on your schedule. Ever try and reach a person at Google?

2. Easy Invoicing

Because we know how frustrating managing billing can be, we give you the option of being invoiced on a monthly basis, instead of charged via credit card or on some other time table.

3. All Major Credit Cards Accepted

In addition to monthly invoices, we also accept all major credit cards and offer promotions regularly. Register with us today and get an immediate quote based on your targeting and number of respondents.

Notice an error in our data? Please let us know.
*Data on Google Surveys retrieved on 12/19/2019 from Google Surveys Help is not associated with, nor does it endorse or sponsor this website

The steps to get better data

1. Create your survey

Use our advanced targeting options to reach your specific target audience .

Target by age, gender and demographic criteria such as Household Income or Marital Status, among others.

Build your Questionnaire

Design your survey questions using features like survey skip logic, randomization of answers, open-ended, image, video and NPS question types on an easy self-service platform.

Review your survey

Our expert team will examine your survey questions closely and provide feedback on both your survey design and methodology.

2. Get the responses you need from your ideal respondents.

We partner with thousands of high-quality apps, worldwide, to ensure that we have access to a variety of survey respondents for every type of survey.

Our network is global and growing every day to provide larger and more relevant target audiences to our clients.

3. Get results, fast.

Send your survey and let the real-time results roll in. We do all the work, updating your Dashboard in real time.

Export your raw data at the click of a button, or share a graph in your presentation. Analyze and quantify responses with the SPSS-friendly file provided with each survey.

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