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SurveyMonkey Audience Alternative

Starting from $1 per completed survey response

SurveyMonkey Audience

SurveyMonkey Audience

Survey Monkey has become a household name for bringing self-serve panel-based surveys to the masses. But is a panel really what you want?

SurveyMonkey Audience is a panel that operates under an “open source” model, meaning that professional survey takers can sign up to join the panel. They also buy data from so-called “partners” to fulfill orders. This mix of purchased data and professional survey takers leads to consistently poor data quality.

Pollfish is different

We are not a panel and we don’t allow people to join our network - we reach real mobile consumers who take surveys while they are in the apps they know and love, which results in better quality data. We also never purchase data from “partners.” We don’t need to - we have 450M+ real consumers in our network.

SurveyMonkey Audience Targeting Capabilities vs Pollfish

SurveyMonkey Audience
Number of Completed responses
Up to 100 responses on the BASIC plan
Age range
US only
US only
US only
Target By Screening Question
Not available on the BASIC plan
Marital status
Number of children
household income
US Postal Code
US Census Region
US Census Division
US Congressional District
mobile device manufacturer
os platform
Targeted locations
114 countries, 345 cities
USA, Nationwide
type of audience reached
Random, Opt-in
On every targeting option

The difference in Targeting.

1. Real Consumers

The Pollfish Survey Tool provides access to real consumers in 160 countries, 345 cities—who have already opted-in to take mobile surveys. Survey Monkey offers international coverage, but only by using paid respondents from partner sites. This method increases costs for you and reduces the data quality for your survey.

2. Radius Targeting

Survey Monkey can only target down to the metro area, which drastically reduces accuracy in dense urban areas. Not only does Pollfish track down to the City, postal code or even Congressional District, our radius targeting tool allows you to select a specific target area by choosing a spot on the map and fielding your survey. Cool, huh?

3. Get Screening Questions

Screening questions are powerful. They remove the limits of a platform’s targeting capability to ensure that you can target consumers specific to your product. Let’s say you only want respondents who have tried your product before. You can ask them before they take your survey so you avoid getting false completes. Pollfish offers this powerful feature on all of our plans, not just subscriptions.

SurveyMonkey Audience Cost vs Pollfish

SurveyMonkey Audience
Cost per completed survey
$1 per completed survey
$1 per completed survey
Screening question pricing
+ $0.5 per completed survey
Gender Selection
+ $0.5 per completed survey
+ $1 per completed survey
Age range selection
+ $0.5 - $1 per completed survey
+ $0.75 per completed survey
+ $0.5 per completed survey
No additional cost
Image upload
No additional cost
Upgrade to a paying plan required

The difference in Cost.

1. Up To 17 Questions for just $1

Survey Monkey’s pricing increases as you go. So while their pricing starts at just $1 per complete, if you add more than 5 questions to your survey, your price starts to go up. With Pollfish, you can add up to 17 questions at just $1 per complete.

2. Gender & Age Selection

Pollfish is committed to offering the most exhaustive targeting criteria we can for your survey at a fair price. For example, select by Gender and Age Range for half the cost of Survey Monkey.

3. Quotas on every Survey Question

In addition to allowing quotas on every survey question, our quotas only cost 50 cents per completed survey response. (Survey Monkey only offers quotas on an annual plan.)

SurveyMonkey Audience Question Options vs Pollfish

SurveyMonkey Audience
Number of questions
Up to 17
Up to 10 allowed on the BASIC plan
Number of screening questions
Skip logic
Upgrade to a paying plan required
Randomize answers
Upgrade to a paying plan required
Matrix question type
Rating scale
Image Choice
Image may be added to all question types
Image precedes question
Video may be added to all question types

The difference in Questionnaire.

1. A Lot To Ask

We’ll give you up to 17 questions per survey (even more if you subscribe to one of our monthly plans). But we cap the total number of questions at 25. Why? Because our surveys are taken by real people so user experience is a concern. Asking more than 25 questions drastically reduces completion rate of quality, engaged responses which impacts data quality.

2. Ask Another Way

In addition to allowing you to create larger surveys, we offer more types of survey questions —including matrix questions, sliders, ranking questions—to choose from—withou t forcing you to upgrade to a subscription plan.

3. Into The Matrix

Matrix questions are powerful--they allow you to survey perception of your users across a broad number of choices to gauge opinion. They are easy to write and respond to for your users. Survey Monkey, charges each option in the matrix as an individual question, instead of considering each option a part of one question.. When you are being charged by the question, this really adds up. Pollfish uses transparent pricing. Matrix questions are charged as 1 question, giving you the ability to take advantage of this powerful question type.

SurveyMonkey Audience Results vs Pollfish

SurveyMonkey Audience
Real time results dashboard
Cross tab examination
Filter by targeting criteria
Filter by all platform demographics and data
Data export (Excel, SPSS-friendly file)

SurveyMonkey Audience Support vs Pollfish

SurveyMonkey Audience
24/7 Live Support
24/7 Phone Support
Available on Premier Paid Plan
Survey Creation Guidance
Credit Card Billing
Survey templates
Question Bank

The difference in Support.

1. Support on your Schedule

Pollfish offers live 24/7 support so you can get the help you need on your schedule. Ever try and reach a person at SurveyMonkey? We don’t recommend it.

2. Call Anytime

When you are stuck setting up your survey, you need to phone a friend. That’s why, in addition to 24/7 Live Support, we offer Phone Support at all plan levels.

3. Survey Creation Guidance

Creating market research is challenging. From question selection to incidence rate and margin of error, it can be hard to know how effective your survey will be before you begin. That’s why we have a support team available to walk through your survey with you and ensure you are following best practices. We’re here for you every step of the way.

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The steps to get better data

1. Create your survey

Use our advanced targeting options to reach your specific target audience .

Target by age, gender and demographic criteria such as Household Income or Marital Status, among others.

Build your Questionnaire

Design your survey questions using features like survey skip logic, randomization of answers, open-ended, image, video and NPS question types on an easy self-service platform.

Review your survey

Our expert team will examine your survey questions closely and provide feedback on both your survey design and methodology.

2. Get the responses you need from your ideal respondents.

We partner with thousands of high-quality apps, worldwide, to ensure that we have access to a variety of survey respondents for every type of survey.

Our network is global and growing every day to provide larger and more relevant target audiences to our clients.

3. Get results, fast.

Send your survey and let the real-time results roll in. We do all the work, updating your Dashboard in real time.

Export your raw data at the click of a button, or share a graph in your presentation. Analyze and quantify responses with the SPSS-friendly file provided with each survey.

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