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Hot take: your readers want more.

You don’t need us to tell you that your readers’ attention span is limited, but when everyone else is as “disruptive” as you are, you spend more time fighting for attention than earning it.

Instead of attempting to go viral, elevate your content by engaging and building trust among a core set of readers and adding real value.

Powering the media

Reach your readers.

Pollfish uses a distributed audience of over 500+ million real consumers across 120K+ partnered apps to connect digital publishers with their digital audience—right in the apps they are in.

Leverage your readers’ participation to get fast insights that will help you develop an editorial point of view that is unique and fresh.

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  • Journalists & Editors
  • Consumer Insights teams
  • Content Marketers
  • Product Professionals
  • Sales Development teams

You need

  • Content Creation
  • Political & Event Polling
  • Concept & Feature Testing
  • Usability & UX Testing
  • Pilot & Naming Testing
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Audience Profiling

You need more than your panel

Your existing panel is great for plenty of reasons. However, internal panels are typically made up of your cheerleaders and your haters, rather than your average reader, which will have a biased effect on the results of your research.

Pollfish is a natural complement to internal panels, and already supplementing internal panels for Bustle, Fatherly, and more.

We provide insights from a broader population, including your existing readers, prospective readers and even your competitor’s readers to give you a holistic view of your audience.

Our survey audience

The UX is intuitive, there's always support available for any questions we have, and results come back quickly. We've used several survey platforms for research, but Pollfish is a game-changer.

Dani Thibodeau, Manager, Research + Insight at Bustle

Make something that matters

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Survey your target audience to identify and dive deeper into the topics and themes that matter most to them and offer original stories that keep them satisfied (and focused on you).


Instead of covering the exact same thing as everyone else, you can field Pollfish mobile surveys in minutes, providing quantitative, unbiased and highly accurate context on the news of the day.


Back up your point of view or find a controversial position— Pollfish survey data can shed new light on a topic, trend, event or person.


Pollfish survey data can be used in columns to support a particular point of view and facilitate understanding of complex issues or events.

Political Polling

Given our unbeaten track record of predicting winners in all of the recent special with an average error or .5 percentage points, we are the go-to choice for designing your next political piece.

Create original content

Real Insights

How modern companies create better content using market research

See how research powerhouses Jessica Tarlov and Dani Thibodeau of Bustle Digital Group leveraged Pollfish insights to identify and prioritize topical content for millennial women.

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Put your money where your opportunities are.

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Don't produce something that nobody wants to consume. Any kind of content deliverable—from mobile apps to podcasts—can be tested against a real audience prior to launch to ensure the right mix of features and formats.

Concept Testing

Quickly validate new concepts with your own audience, the broader population and even your competitors audience to make sure you are on the right track early.

Feature Testing

Easily deploy mobile surveys to understand audience feature preference in advance of build, ensuring you never waste precious resources building features that will never be used.

Usability & UX Testing

If the user experience isn’t perfect, they’ll get their content somewhere else. Use Pollfish survey data as the quantitative complement to your qualitative user testing.

Pilot & Naming Testing

Run discrete tests of new names or pilot multimedia products in advance of launch—saving you from playing “who wore it best” with a cookie - cutter name.


Get creative feedback before you launch with our video survey option. Just like all Pollfish surveys, it’s mobile-optimized for the on-the-go viewer.

Test media concepts

Build a complete profile

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Syndicated surveys are useful for validating audiences, but fall short when it comes to understanding your readers. Internal panels provide useful insights, however they don’t provide a representative sample. Pollfish surveys can fill this gap, providing insights into multiple audiences.

Audience Profiling

Pollfish automatically profiles every user on our platform and provides this data for free, so you can focus on crafting questions unique to your business.

Consumer Behavior

You need to go beyond the syndicated data and understand the consumption patterns of your readers to better position your target audiences to advertisers. We can help.

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