Pollfish Mobile Survey SDK – Monetize & Gather In-App Feedback

Make money from your mobile apps and gather in-app feedback with the Pollfish mobile survey SDK all-in-one solution.

The Pollfish mobile survey SDK for Android and iOS enables easy survey distribution through mobile apps and instant collection of responses and feedback from users. Integration of the Pollfish mobile survey SDK provides a number of benefits to partner apps, including a great revenue stream and a powerful insights tool.

Make money – Monetize better

By integrating the Pollfish mobile survey SDK, app publishers can monetize their apps and make money through one of the most popular formats currently available in the mobile monetization landscape. As monetization solutions Pollfish surveys are popular for several reasons:

mobile survey SDK

1) High Payouts

A monetization format with payouts that no other ad solution can match. Starting from $0.30 per completed survey, prices can go up to several dollars per completion, depending on mow much a market researcher paid on Pollfish DIY survey tool.

2) Easy Setup

Surveys are rendered through an app as an overlay, making integration of the Pollfish mobile survey SDK a no brainer, with the requirement of a single line of code to run surveys though the app. A 2 minute integration process!

3) Boost Retention and User Experience

Ads destroy user experience and heavily affect retention. This is not how it was supposed to be. Pollfish surveys give users a way to share their opinion with an in-app mobile designed experience, while keeping them engaged within the app by providing an easy and fast way to earn in-app goodies.

4) A Popular Option Among Users

Surveys are not ads and therefore are becoming one of the most popular trends in the mobile app monetization landscape since they are highly rewarding and and an interactive and fun way to earn free in-app goodies.

Gather In-App Feedback

Alongside with monetization, the Pollfish mobile survey SDK can be a great way to start a dialog with app users and understand their needs better, since it allows access to the Pollfish DIY survey tool for free.

mobile survey SDK

1) Instant Feedback From App Users

By integration of the Pollfish SDK app publishers can create through the Pollfish DIY survey tool surveys for their own app users and ask them questions like “What feature you would like to see in a future release?” or “What didn’t you like in the previous release?”. This way they can easily understand their users’ needs and define a better strategy for future releases.

2) A/B Test Future Concepts

Taking advantage of thePollfish DIY survey tool, app publishers can easily A/B test future concepts like app icons, game characters, video trailers and others, making better decisions based on real data from their users.

3) Real-time Analytics & Insights

The mobile survey SDK is a gateway to information on an app’s audience. Since surveys ask and learn more about a user’ preferences and perceptions, a lot of this information is shared on a real-time dashboard to the app owner, giving a better insight to the app’s user base.
To conclude, the Pollfish mobile survey SDK is a great option for app publishers since they do not only have the option to make a lot of money from surveys distributed through their apps, but they can also create their own surveys for free through the Pollfish DIY survey tool and gather feedback and real insights about and from their users.

mobile survey SDK