Pollfish donation to to College of Business Administration at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Pollfish is boosting social responsibility efforts, providing its tools to college students and professors in order to make their research more resourceful. Heather Scrittorale, Director of Insights at Pollfish, has been connected with the College of Business Administration at California State Polytechnic University and provided market research services of $10,000 value from Pollfish in the Behavioral Research Lab. We really hope these services prove to be handy! Also we would like to thank Jae Min Jung, Professor of Marketing, who sent us the letter below:

I had hosted Heather Scrittorale from Pollfish on campus in our last day of the spring quarter.  She is one of the most amazing persons I have ever had the privilege to meet in market research industry!!  Even when she had a difficult physical condition (Heather is 8 months pregnant), she showed full range of energy and professionalism and engaged with our students on the various topics of the marketing research world.  It appears that Pollfish is growing fast and has an innovative way to connect with consumers around the world. I thoroughly enjoyed her visit and definitely want to have her back in the future.

I would like to also acknowledge the generous donations of research resources Pollfish offered. Heather offered us free access to Pollfish’s consumer panel that would cost my students and faculty $10,000.  I am so grateful for her generosity. This would allow our students in the Behavioral Research Lab to tap into consumer minds around the world to test their research hypothesis and gain insights into consumer behaviors of their choice, preparing themselves as the next generation of market researchers. Thank you so much!!!

Jae Min Jung, Ph.D.
Professor of Marketing
College of Business Administration
Cal Poly Pomona