Pollfish is changing the way non-profits can perform research

GIVMED is changing the way people donate. Pollfish is changing the way non-profits can perform research.

GIVMED has a unique vision – to enable all people to have direct access to the medicine that they need. Their mission is to create a community that can make a difference in people’s lives by donating their unused medicines, and understand how and why they donate, and how they perceive social pharmacies and other organisations that cater to the needs of underprivileged and vulnerable groups.

GIVMED sought out to find how potential donors decide to make their donations, they type of donations they make,  to whom, and why.

“We wanted to to find our audience, and find out more about them – and we needed to do this quickly and affordably,” stated Vratimos, Founder and Business Developer at GIVMED.

GIVMED is the first greek community for utilizing excess medicines. GIVMED team has developed a technology that streamlines the donation process for the surplus medication that so many households have laying around. Some 57.000.000 boxes of medicine expire every year in Greece alone. Their mobile application extracts all medical information from the barcodes found on medical packaging, and links users with organizations that could redistribute this medication to individuals in need of them – including citizens living below the poverty line and refugees.

Thanasis added “As a non-profit with limited time, budget, and resources, we wanted to make sure we got things right the first time. Pollfish enabled us to get in touch with our users and listen to their feedback in a couple of days. This made a huge difference in the way we planned our next steps. And in our line of work, that is invaluable.”

Through the Pollfish platform, GIVMED was able to discover that

  • 65% of those surveyed were aware of social pharmacies, and they “Do great work!”
  • Only 25% actually donate to them

“This type of data in invaluable in our efforts to reach the right constituents,” says Teti Psarrou, in charge of Marketing and Community Develop at GIVMED

“Most non-profits don’t have the in-house expertise or access to many of the resources they need to succeed – and that includes market research – to understand how potential donors would react to their cause,” states Giannis Zaoudis, CTO of Pollfish.

Zaoudis continued, “When most charities look for help – it’s typically in the form of monetary donations, or physical goods and services. GIVMED is trying to solve real problem in a unique way, and we were happy to help out GIVMED in a non-traditional way – with critical data and insights.”


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GIVMED is the first greek community for utilizing excess medicines. We are working in Greece, part of the HIGGS incubator. The mobile app (for iOS and Android) is going to be officially launched during the next weeks and the team consists of 8 young people. Site: www.givmed.com, Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/givmed/?fref=ts

Pollfish enables anyone to create a survey in minutes, and get results in hours, by accessing over 200M consumers worldwide – all on their mobile device. Pollfish has offices in the US and EU, with location in Athens, Greece, and New York and Utah in the United States. https://www.pollfish.com