Insights from the largest car purchase intent study in US!


With new car sales reaching an annualised rate of over 17 million vehicles, a flurry of great new product launches, and executives maintaining a disciplined approach to financial and operational management, automotive companies are generating record profitability from their U.S. operations. However even with these healthy sales, most U.S. OEMS and suppliers are taking a cautiously optimistic view about the future. While there is confidence in the state of the industry, growth in new vehicle sales is forecasted to slow. One of the key questions then, on everyone’s mind is, where do we go from here?


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Pollfish in its effort to reveal the car purchase intent status in US, has surveyed more than half a million US citizens! Pollfish placed the findings online and made them interactive, enabling not only to digest general conclusions, but also to draw individual inferences for specific areas of interest, all of which should help cut through complexity and extract the maximum value for relevant businesses. Within this infographic, insights about popular car types can be found, budgets per state and more.

How it works

Pollfish is a technology company which has access to over 100M smartphone users to whom it distributes surveys in order to get consumer insights! The methodology it uses is a sophisticated technique of river-sampling through through third-party smartphone apps. Pollfish worked with over 4k apps in order to collect results from all over the US, during the past six months. Each respondent had been surveyed on a smartphone or tablet while reading the news on his/her favorite smartphone app or while playing a game. More than 700k users started the survey and over 500k completed it till the end

Furthermore, Pollfish uses a set of fraud-detection techniques varying from filtering unique device ids, to classic market research tests for straight-lining and speed answering in order to ensure the quality of the results. Finally, the amount of respondents participated in car survey, minimises the margin of error and provides a high level of confidence for car sales predictions.

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