Are you looking for some help with your app marketing activities?

Well, sure! Everybody does… At Pollfish, we are constantly after new ways to help our developers community on how to better market their apps, increase their revenues, acquire quality users and lots more critical but no so “techy” stuff that can make their apps the next talk in town.

During the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we were happy to realize that the mobile app industry is becoming more mature, with new companies that help with the all-around business of making a successful app now in the picture. Those companies provide a low budget substitution to a mobile-app-marketing expert in your team,  through sharing insights, giving useful advice and developing marketing templates for both internal and external use.

One of the coolest companies in this sector that we met and we are happy to announce that we partnered with, is the new startup Appgo2market that offers an elegant solution and changes the way mobile app promotion is learned and handled. Their offering is saving developers from reinventing the wheel by providing tools, DIY templates and bonus materials. Furthermore, a huge training library, focused on mobile app promotion is also included. They offer to train you exactly how to promote your app via PR, social, ASO, stores submission, acquisition and so forth.

Monetization Tactics are part of the deal, and as you know, we are big fans of monetization!

Click here to enjoy a free app marketing guide written by appgo2market experts (email sign up is required)