Mobile Monetization Models – What app users think

What do app users believe about current mobile monetization techniques on android? We gathered android developers and asked them what they would like to ask their users! See what app users responded through Pollfish latest survey findings conducted over 4,000 respondents in March 2014.

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Everything started in March 2014 in an Android Forum, Making Money With Android. Developers were making a small poll between them in order to find out what they believe their users think about ads in their apps. Are they frustrated or not? What ads to they prefer? These were some of the questions raised in that topic.
However, at Pollfish we realised that why developers should ask each other regarding their users’ opinion and make assumptions instead of asking them directly. Pollfish has access to more than 17,000,000 mobile users globally. Therefore, we decided to gather all developers’ questions in a survey and deliver it to more than 4k app users in an effort to get the insights directly from them. Developers started posting questions that concerned them and they would like to ask their users. Some of them, even offered translations of the survey when finalised, and therefore survey was delivered also in Malaysian, Spanish, Arabic along with English language.
Findings were quite surprising and are visualised in the above infographic.