Monetizing upon social competitiveness and acknowledgment

Following up the latest blog posts about monetizing around user feelings, today we are going to discuss about monetizing around social behaviour.

Every mobile app needs a loyal user base in order to be able to generate some serious money for its owner. One of the most difficult things out there is to attract users to the app and engage them, so that eventually later on, will spent some money within the app.

Build a community fist

Every app has a user base that shares some common interests, since these users ended up using the same app after all. Converting this user base to an active community is a big challenge. App publishers should try, when designing their apps, to make them as social as possible. App publishers should initially focus towards growing their user base and creating a community around their app before applying monetization mechanisms through a social environment. After all, user needs a relevant audience to expose achievements or progress through the app. Building a community around the app and allowing interaction between its members, brings engagement to the users, rise competitiveness and if exposed properly, can drive awareness about the app and bring virality and wider adoption.

Implement the right social components

While designing an app, publishers should choose the right social components to integrate based on the context of their app and their app’s user base profile. Leveraging social behaviour through the app can attract users to come and use an app again again for all kind of different reasons. Some of them would like to use it in order to compete with others, others for the social acknowledgement and exposure and others because they want to be part of a collaborative environment. Social components can be anything, from progress bars, badges, leaderboards, achievements, to virtual goods. Integrating these components and mechanisms within an app can raise community engagement, collaboration and competitiveness increasing this way loyalty and adoption of the app.

Monetize upon social competitiveness and acknowledgement.

When the app publisher has successfully integrated social characteristics and components in the app, he can then reveal monetization opportunities where users, in the shake of feelings like social competitiveness and acknowledgement are willing to spent money within the app. These opportunities may be in the form of on in-app purchase for unlocking a stage, or gaining more virtual goodies within the app or even for taking specific advertising tasks in order to help them proceed further and get exposed.


To conclude, app publishers should consider making their app as much social as possible by exposing several social characteristics through their app and build a community around them. Engagement and retention that will follow through these social aspects of the app will reveal later on, opportunities to montetize upon social competitiveness and acknowledgement that will thrive.