Turning the tables in-app monetization with mobile Rewarded Surveys

The total number of smartphone users today is about 3 billion users worldwide. About 50% of them live in Asia, with China being the dominant market at about ~780 million users. In 2021, smartphone users worldwide will reach 3.8 billion people, almost half (48%) of the people living on this planet! Simultaneously, the app revenues will signify a growth both in game and non-game categories. By the end of 2018, app revenues are expected to reach $92.1 billion, whereas in 2021 are expected to reach ~$137 billion (39% increase).

Source: Newzoo Global Mobile Market Report 2018

Despite the app market’s growth, the biggest challenge for both large-scale publishers and indie developers still remains on the monetization side. Publishers must both meet their users’ expectations while bringing in monetary gain. Boosting their revenues and profitability from advertising is a crucial aspect for their apps’ sustainability, and therefore, publishers must select the optimal monetization strategy to integrate ad formats and monetization solutions that not only increase revenue streams but will also be a natural part of the app’s experience — while preferably not distracting or annoying the app’s users.

Monetize with Market Research

It is evident that the market research industry follows the growth of smartphone users. According to Statista, the global revenue of market research shows a significant growth. For 2017 it counted revenues of $45.83 billion worldwide.

Source: Statista

Moreover, as indicated in the graph below, those who are interested in conducting market research projects indicate a high preference for online and mobile studies, explaining their need to be synced in terms of technology and consumer trends.

Source: Statista

Since market researchers nowadays are looking more and more into mobile, mobile Rewarded Surveys can be a great monetization option and a good revenue opportunity for app and game publishers alike. Mobile Rewarded Surveys follow a similar approach to rewarded videos, which are quite popular in different mobile apps and games, for app users are often incentivized and rewarded with virtual gifts to interrupt their play for a moment to watch a short advertisement clip. Similarly, Mobile Rewarded Surveys too, are a simple and interactive way for users to earn virtual currencies and rewards, by briefly answering survey questions and sharing their opinions on global brands.

The dominant player in mobile survey market research monetization is Pollfish, which has direct integration to more than 150k mobile apps and games worldwide.

Pollfish offers a DIY survey platform that anyone can register and use to program a personalized survey, select their ideal target demographics, and distribute broadly through partnered app networks.

Source: Mobbo — Market share in survey SDKs

Pollfish Rewarded Surveys can be an additional revenue stream for publishers, where they are paid for every successful survey completed. They use a CPA Model (Cost Per Action) leading to an appealing incentive for game developers: surveys pay 5x more than rewarded videos and up to 20x more comparative to traditional ad formats.

Why you should consider Rewarded Surveys for monetizing your app?

As a basis of turning your app into a profitable business, you need to select not only an ad network that will bring you greater revenue but also one that will not harm the user experience, potentially causing users to abandon the app. It is important to choose one that will seamlessly fit into the app experience, offer a meaningful incentive to your users, and will enable you to effectively monetize your app.

Here are some of the benefits of market research monetization can do for you:

  1. Unique Experience: How many times while you were playing your favorite trivia app on the way to work have you ran out of coins and needed them to reveal a hint? When users are given the option, they prefer to share their opinion rather than watch a 30-second video, which also provides extra coins. Surveys on their preference in winter clothing, their time spent on social media, or anything else interesting and relevant to answer gives them an engaging alternative to advertising while at the same time rewarding them with the in-app incentive they want. Where ad clips often disturb users, questionnaires offer a more unique experience and the user stays actively engaged.
  2. High Pay-outs: Knowing your market and especially what the market wants, is like being able to predict the market. The better you can predict it, the higher your potential payouts. Considering the latter, market researchers are always willing to devote a large part of their budget for gathering consumer insights from any part of the world. With Pollfish Rewarded Surveys, publishers can earn up to $2-$3 per completed survey, making this solution an attractive destination for monetizing their apps.
  3. Campaigns for everyone:When an app feels overloaded with advertisements, a user is more likely to close, or even delete it. Yet, with Pollfish, you should not expect users participating in one campaign every few days, but in many campaigns on a daily basis. Regardless if your game has 10 unique users or 10 million, and no matter where they are located, researchers are looking for all kinds of demographic information. From young students studying in Berlin to music lovers in San Francisco and pet owners in London. This global coverage of different user profiles enables Pollfish to collect data on user preferences/consumer insights. Additionally, Pollfish provides a mediation platform for surveys, distributing surveys from different survey providers and market research companies around the world, to provide the maximum fill rates.

In conclusion, Rewarded Surveys are a fantastic way to monetize your app, while benefiting from ongoing revenue streams, without risking the loss of your users or a positive user experience. Pollfish has been the pioneer in the market research monetization, delivering surveys to some of the top brands around the world, such as Mircosoft & OMD, as well as helping large-scale publishers and indie developers, boost their revenue through rewarded surveys, by offering a distinct product which fits their monetization strategy.