Why do last minute Christmas shoppers wait so long?

Is it procrastination, or part of some plan to get the best offers out there?

We surveyed 535 last minute shoppers on December 23rd to find out why they waited so long, what they are looking for, and what the rest of the world was doing while they were off shopping:

  • A surprising 50% of people were not finished with all of their shopping just two days before Christmas, leaving them with one day left to complete their lists.
  • Interestingly enough, over 2% of respondents admitted that “their spouse does all the shopping”.
  • Nearly 25% hadn’t started shopping or were so far behind they were panicky. Luckily, they had enough time to take our survey – which generated 535 results in under an hour.
  • Of those who waited, 30% were “waiting for deals”.
    • 30% didn’t know what to get people.
    • And nearly 30% had put off shopping because they were just too busy.
    • The remainder of the respondents (11%) just loved to last-minute shop.

For more details, see survey the results here.