The evolution from telephony & sms to online voice & instant messaging apps

Latest findings (March 2013) of Pollfish latest survey about smartphone usage at Greece and Cyprus between 300 randomly selected smartphone users, compiled by ΚΑΠΑ Research, showed that almost 7 out of 10 smartphone users (67.4%) have seen positive impact by the usage of their smartphones in their everyday life. More specifically smartphone usage has improved users’ everyday life in terms of information (60.8%), entertainment (52.8%) and communication(42.2%).

Generally speaking, the majority of smartphone users (74.4%) at Greece and Cyprus seems to be satisfied with the internet services provided by their network providers, and only 11% of them seems to bee unhappy. Low costs and immediacy seems to play an important role in the aforementioned behavior.

85% of smartphone users are taking advantage of cost free WIFI access points while  only 15% of them use 3G & 4G networks. Survey findings has shown that 6 out of 10 smartphone users prefer online instant messaging services and 5 out of 10 usually speak online.

Finally, game apps (51,2%), social apps like Facebook and Twitter (50,2%) and instant messaging and voice apps like Viber and Skype (48.8%) seem tobe rather popular among smartphone users.