Boston marathon attacks – US public opinion insights

US public opinion insights regarding Boston marathon attacks. Survey findings on 206 randomly selected US smartphone users (55% women and 45% men) between April 17th-19th.

Almost 7 out of 10 (68.81%) believe that local authorities have taken all necessary precautions to avoid the attacks. In addition the majority of respondents (70.85%) seem confident that whoever is responsible for the attacks will be identified and brought to justice.

68.81% seem to be satisfied with Homeland Security measures the last 12 months up to the day of the event, while only 31.18% seem to be unhappy.

Finally, 76.34% believe that stricter security measures should be taken in the future, but 34.93% have aslo some concerns about this action regarding the consequences that this action will have on their privileges and comfort.

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