Parking places – What do drivers say?


One of the main issues people face when having a car is parking.  Do people usually park at private or public parkings? How hard is to find a parking spot? Do people know the price of the parking before using it? Based on which criteria do people choose a parking spot? These and other questions were answered with Pollfish latest parking survey!

Pollfish parking survey focused on parking issues to answer key questions and  reveal needs and problems around parking. Survey was conducted between 26th-28th of April among 992 randomly selected smartphone users.

Key Results

Most people prefer public over private parkings. They choose their parking spots mostly based on availability and proximity while cost does not seem to be a major issue on the parking choice which was quite a surprise! Most of the drivers seem to know the price of the parking they will use in advance and almost have of them seem to be willing to rent a parking spot to ensure its availability!

Deeper Insights

Now let’s have a deeper look on on parking survey questions and findings:

  • How often do you search for a parking place?

The majority of respondents (47.9%) claimed that they search for parking less than two times a week where 22.7% search for a parking 3-5 times a week!


  • Do you think finding a parking place is an easy task?

With a slight differentiation (56.1% Vs 43.0%), people believe that finding a parking place is an easy task!


  • Do you usually park at private or public parkings?

Almost 7 out of 10 (67.5%) of drivers usually park at public parkings.


  • How do you usually rent your parking spot?

The majority of drivers (49.2%) usually rent their parking spot by hour, while 28.6% rent it by minutes. Monthly rental is not so popular for parking spot renting (7.9%) while yearly renting occurs at 14.3% among  respondents.


  • How long does it usually take to find a parking place?

Most of the drivers (27.7%) seem to find a parking place immediately when they need one, while 26.1% seem to usually find one in lees than 5 minutes! These results make a perfect match with the findings of the question if finding a parking space is an easy task. 25.4% search for a parking sport for about 5-10 minutes, 12.2% for 11-15 minutes and 8.6% more than 15 minutes!!


  • Would you make a parking spot reservation to ensure availability? 

The findings of this question are quite interesting since 47.4% of drivers are willing to make a parking spot reservation in order to ensure availability! This can be a good proof of new parking models arising around the globe that use reservations and pre-booking options!


  • Which is the most important factor that affects your parking spot space choice?

Almost 3 out of 10 drivers (28.6%) choose their parking spot according to proximity of their destination while 26.8% base their choice on availability of parking spaces. Cost factor takes a very small percentage 17.1% while quality/safety of the parking seems to be a much more important factor (22%) on the parking spot choice!


  •  Do you know the parking price before parking?

Another interesting finding is that the majority of the drivers  (66.5%) seem to know in advance the price of the parking they will park!


  • Did you receive a parking ticket or had your car towed during the last 12 months?

The majority of the respondents (67.5%) never received a parking ticket or had their car towed during the last months, while 20.6% responded yes, but only once!


Survey Audience

To select the appropriate audience (drivers) from Pollfish distribution, users were screened based on their ownership of a car. From those that were screened out almost 4 out of 10 stated that they do not own a car because they cannot afford it, while only 6% stated that they do not have one because they have no where to park it! In addition almost 10.8% stated that they do not need one because they use other means of transportation.

Answers were collected only from users over 18 years old. 61.5% of the respondents were male while 38.5% were female.