UEFA Champions League 2013, predictions and insights!


UEFA Champions League 2013 final 25th of May at Wembley is getting close! Bayern Munich and Borrusia Dortmund, the two German football clubs have reached the final by crashing the two Spanish teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid. But which team will win the trophy?  Which team deserved the most to win the trophy? Which team do fans want to win the trophy? Pollfish has the answers!

UEFA Champions League 2013 survey was conducted between 7th-10th of May among 641 randomly selected smartphone users around Europe.

Key Insights

7 out of 10 of respondents believe that Bayern will win the trophy. Predictions give Bayern the trophy of the Wembley final independent fan identity! Responses on the questions which team deserved the most to win the UEFA Champions League 2013 Borrusia Dortmund comes 4th!

Deeper Insights

Now let’s have a closer look at the survey findings

  • Which team do you think will win the UEFA Champions League 2013?

7 out of 10 of the respondents predict that Bayern Munich will win the Wembley final while only 3 out of 10 give Dortmund a chance!

  • Which team do you want to win the UEFA Champions League 2013?

27% do not care, while 40% want Bayern Munich to win and 33% Dortmund!

  • Which team from those qualified to the round of 16 do you think deserved to win UEFA Champions League 2013 the most?

It seems that respondents believe that Bayern deserves to win the trophy, while Barcelona comes second, Real Madrid third and Dortmund only fourth!

  1. 23.9% Bayern
  2. 21.9% Barcelona
  3. 16.3% Real Madrid
  4. 9.5% Dortmund
  5. 7.5% Man. United
  6. 5.6% Juventous
  7. 3.6% Milan
  8. 2.3% PSG
  9. 2.4% Galatasaray
  10. 2.0% Arsenal
  11. 1.6% Celtic
  12. 1.3% Valencia
  13. 1.0% Porto
  14. 0.7% Shakhtar Donetsk
  15. 0.3% Malaga
  16. 0.3% Shalke
  • Which team do you want to win the UEFA Champions League 2013 according to fan identity?

Which team, do fans of the two Spanish teams that did not make it to the final, want to win the Champions League 2013? It seems that Real Madrid fans prefer Bayern (36.8%) to win the trophy over Dortmund that stopped their journey to the final while Barcelona fans (35.8%) prefer Dortmund instead of Bayern that knocked them out!

Real Madrid fans

  1. 36.8% Bayern
  2. 34.2% Do not care
  3. 28.9% Dortmund

Barcelona fans

  1. 35.8% Dortmund
  2. 32.8% Do not care
  3. 31.3% Bayern

Survey Audience

To select the appropriate audience for UEFA Champions League 2013, predictions and insights survey we used a screening question asking the respondents to state if they watch UEFA Champions League 2013 or not just to filter out those that were not interest in the topic of the survey.

7 out of 10 of the respondents were men. Survey audience included a diversity of fans of the teams that qualified at the round of 16. 18.3% were not fans of any of these teams, while 29.5% were fans of Barcelona, 12.9%  of Real Madrid, 7.1% fans of Man. United, 6.8% of Juventous, 6.1% of Bayern and 3.4% of Dortmund and Arsenal.