What US farmers think of the trade war

President Trump’s trade war with China has caused a split among farmers, many of whom remain undecided or neutral toward trade policies coming from the White House.

According to a new study from Pollfish, the President’s decisions and promises as it relates to farmers and trade policy have not had as deep impacts on public opinion as many thought. Pollfish recently released the Trade War infographic below to share the results of the study.



As you can see from the data points above, opinions of Trump among farmers remain largely unchanged due to recent trade policies.

Even on policies largely seen as beneficial to farmers facing budget shortfalls due to commodity fluctuations and a more volatile trade market, farmers expressed muted enthusiasm about both subsidies and financial support coming from the Federal Government.

Perhaps predictably, opinions on future US trade policy ran along party lines, with Democrats believing that the US ought to lower tariffs on Chinese goods, while Republicans backed taking a more aggressive approach towards China.

Our Trade War infographic did reveal a shift among Republicans toward being more aggressive on tariffs. While survey respondents in this study were tightly targeted toward farmers, American Republicans historically have been against tariffs as a part of US trade policy. Our polling shows US farmers who identify as Republican bucking that trend.

For a President who has often been called dishonest and accused of repeatedly lying, US farmers do not appear concerned that promises of future backing will be fulfilled, with over 50% saying they believe it is either Very Likely or Somewhat Likely that promises of future aid will be fulfilled.