4 Phases of a Startup – and How Market Research Ensures Success

It’s not enough to make a great product. People have to want it. That’s where Startup Market Research comes in!
Failure is almost a rite of passage in the startup space, with nine out of 10 new businesses crashing and burning. Tellingly, 42 percent fail because they created a product no one wanted to buy.
And there’s a lesson there: No matter how good your idea, you need to make sure there is a market out there that wants to experience your vision — not the other way around. That’s why researching your idea is just as critical as having it to begin with.Related: Don’t Go With Your Gut. Let the Market Tell You What It Needs.To ensure you keep your business on track, don’t just conduct market research before you launch. Dig deeper at each and every phase of your startup. Here’s how.

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