iPhone users not looking for gimmicks with iPhone 11

A survey conducted during the iPhone 11 keynote announcement revealed that what iPhone users are craving most from Apple is durability rather than shiny bells and whistles. 

Men, women, gadget junkies, and laggards in tech unanimously ranked “improved shatter resistance” and “improved water resistance” as preferred features. At the bottom of the list of things that impressed users about the iPhone 11: The ability to do a “slofie” and the matte glass stylings of the phone’s exterior.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise that durability was the most critical feature among iPhone users, as Apple’s pricing climbs with each new model’s annual release. Price was listed as the most important factor in phone purchasing to iPhone users and was found to be the primary reason that nearly 30% of them do not intend to upgrade to the iPhone 11. 

Still, that won’t stop almost 60% of iPhone users from upgrading to the iPhone 11 eventually, and potentially up to 25% of Android users from switching over. iPhone 11’s release was met with excitement across the board, and iPhone users remain loyal to the Apple brand.

The results come from two surveys that were fielded to 300 iPhone users and 300 Android users located in the United States on September 10, 2019. Both were completed in under 2 hours. Read more about what iPhone users are looking forward to on Forbes, or check out our full data set from iPhone and Android users on launch day.