Could Nevada’s Black Voters Lead A Blue Wave?

Who is the most enthusiastic group of voters in Nevada tomorrow? According to our Nevada poll survey conducted among 200 registered voters near the end of October, it’s Black voters, who responded to our poll with 71% saying they were “more enthusiastic” than they had been about voting in previous Congressional elections. The least enthusiastic were Asian voters, 45% of whom said they were “less enthusiastic” about voting this year than they had been in previous Congressional elections. (In spite of this, all Asian respondents planned to vote, and more than ⅔ had already voted or planned to vote early.)

How might candidates excite Asian voters who have not yet submitted ballots? Asian respondents cited their primary issue of interest to be “Healthcare reform” (45%), with “Immigration reform” and “Tax reform” following close behind. While 63% voted or intended to vote Democrat for both the House and Senate, nearly 10% said they were still unsure at the time of the survey’s completion.

The issues and candidates that the Asian survey respondents support are much the same as the ones that have Black respondents enthusiastic. 85% of Black respondents intended to vote Democrat for the House and 76% were in support of Democratic Senate candidate, Jacky Rosen. The top issue among Black respondents was also “Healthcare reform”.

Black voters in Nevada have made up their minds about which party has their support, according to our poll.


White and Hispanic voters, the largest demographic groups to complete the survey, differed on which issues they deemed most important, but offered previews into similar voting behavior.

White respondents, like Black and Hispanic voters, deemed “Healthcare reform” the top issue in Nevada, and intended to vote Democrat in the House (47%). However, they supported Dean Heller (R) by a narrow margin over Jacky Rosen (D) for the Senate pick.

In nearly the same spread, Hispanic voters supported Dean Heller over Jacky Rosen as well. However, unlike other demographics, the top two issues for Hispanic voters were a tie between “Corruption in Politics” and “Immigration Reform.” Hispanic voters were nearly evenly divided on which party they would vote for the House, leaning slightly left at the point of the survey’s completion. (45% Democrat against 42% Republican).

While Nevadans seem to be more than 50% in favor of a Democratic House and nearly a third in agreement that Healthcare reform is their key issue, they still seem undecided about which Senate candidate will best represent their interests. The survey concluded with Jacky Rosen leading Dean Heller by only 9% among respondents, and nearly 20% still unsure who they would pick in the race.

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