Mobile is the new way to survey the UK

Survey stats: We surveyed 750 in the UK who had an opinion on whether Britain should leave the EU
What we discovered: Brits are slightly favoring a vote of “remain” with only 10% unsure.
Most surprising:  Brits may be tiring of the topic already. From just a week ago, we needed to reach 1180 (vs 771) to obtain 750 responses.

We surveyed 750 on mobile in the UK on 21-Feb, and on 28-Feb.

Here’s a summary of the results of the consumer opinion survey, conducted on the Pollfish mobile survey network.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 8.36.21 AM

You can view the results and sort/filter by answer to see how that group of respondents answered other questions. Or even filter by age and gender.

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