At Pollfish we are really excited to announce our new partnership with QuickAppNinja, a game app builder for creating Android quiz games without any coding knowledge!

QuickAppNinja provides a drag-n-drop game wizard along with templates that allow publishers to easily create their own Android quiz games within a few minutes. Publishers can make money from ads or surveys shown in their games.

With Pollfish integration, users of quiz apps built with QuickAppNinja, will be able to complete Pollfish Rewarded Surveys in exchange of virtual coins in the app.

Publishers can enable Pollfish Rewarded Surveys through QuickAppNinja dashboard in the Monetization section. All needed is to add Pollfish API Key as publishers can find it on Pollfish Developer Dashboard when they sign up at Pollfish and also specify amount of virtual coins given on every successful survey completion.

A detailed step-by-step guide on how to enable Pollfish in QuickAppNinja games is provided at the following link.