The Madness of March – NCAA Sports

Survey stats: We surveyed 1000 people who created a NCAA bracket in just a few hours.
What we discovered: 82% are in a bracket pool with friends or work colleagues, 58% started following the Tournament within the past 5 years.
Most surprising: 51% are betting on outcomes; 59% believe that fantasy sport sites like Fan Duel and Draft Kings should be legal.

54% surveyed were ages 25-44, 47% were male, 53% were female. To customize the results views by age, gender, or even question or answer, check out the results here.

We asked questions about their brackets, betting, where they watched the games, if they watched the Men’s NIT and Women’s NCAA Tournament, and – if they are college basket fans in general. Here’s what we found out:

54% are in multiple brackets – 49% of women, and 60% of men

40% of men and 50% of women were in brackets with their friends
10% were in an online bracket, with people they didn’t know
13% were in a bracket with both friends and work colleagues

51% were betting on their bracket, or on individual games
29% were not betting (in brackets just for fun)
20% did not want to say

72% of those betters believed that online fantasy sports sites like Fan Duel and Draft Kings should be legal, vs 59% overall

74% watch the games live – 80% on television vs 13% online.

57% started following the tournament within the past 5 years

51% will be watching the Women’s NCAA, 52% the NIT

72% watch college basketball outside of the tournament; 28% only follow the tournament

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