UK Citizens Reveal Opinions on Brussels Attacks

Survey stats: We surveyed 562 Brits just hours after the attacks in Brussels.
What we discovered: Most believe that ISIS or Islamic extremists are behind the attacks, and 60% believe that the government is doing a good job on fighting terrorism,
Most surprising: Verbatim comments on what the more government could do to prevent similar attacks are astounding… read on.

Pollfish has provided direct access to the survey results.

We asked respondents:

Do you think that today’s attacks in Brussels could be prevented?

  • 40.21% said Yes
  • 54.09% said No

On a scale of 1-10, how well do you think your government is doing on fighting terrorism?

Nearly 62% rated this a “6” or higher – indicating their satisfaction with government anti-terrorism efforts.

38% rated a a “5” of less.

When asked, What more do you think your government should be doing to prevent similar attacks? – nearly everyone shared an opinion, with comments ranging from

“More police on the streets”, “Close the borders”, “Stop immigration” and “Deport all muslims”

Does Donald Trump have the answer on terrorism?

As seen in a Piers Morgan-authored piece on the Daily, published 22, Mar 2016,

Belgium officials effectively conceded today that they have no real way to protect themselves against the ISIS threat.”

“Is he so wrong?”

Morgan, in his interview with Trump, found himself nearly agreeing with many of the statements from the brash, Presidential candidate – responding to the following statements in the article with “Is he so wrong?”. Statements from Trump including:

“…countries must tighten their borders in light of these terror attacks…”

“…law-abiding Muslims [should] root out extremists in their midst…”

“…America must make it far harder for illegal immigrants to enter the U.S. … European countries should follow suit…”

Survey Results

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