How To Create A Survey Results Report

The New Pollfish Results is out!

The world is ever-changing and you must keep up with it.

Pollfish survey tools are here to help. That is why we have changed everything about our platform and your results page.
You can now get more insights and increased functionality, for FREE.

At Pollfish we are happy to announce our new re-designed and enriched survey results page that provided for free to both existing and new customers alike. What more can you ask for?

These are just some of the highlights of the new results page:

Filter with a click

Click to see respondents’ answers to one, two, three or as many questions as you want. The results shown will change to reflect your choices.

Survey audience

Over 72 Filters Available

You can filter from anything to Career or Income Level. Drill down to single answers given, building the correlations you need from the right target audience.

Survey filters

Audience Insights Included

Identify different audience qualities, from their personas identity to their race or their income.
Qualities of people that just completed your survey. Learn more about them and make informed decisions.

Survey audience personas

Create Stories Worth Reading

Create a story to share with the world. Embed the results of any one of your survey questions with the click of button.

Embed survey question

Still not clear on how to do that? Which format to use? How to filter? How to export?
Need more info on how to make a survey? Reach out to our Support Team, they’re there 24/7, waiting to help!

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