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Survata Survey Alternative

Starting from $0.95 per completed survey response



Survata’s survey builder has limited targeting options, a small global presence and a cost-per-complete that isn’t up to industry standard.

Survata is a US-focused publisher platform that uses a paywall-based approach to solicit survey respondents in exchange for access to content (very similar to Google’s approach). They also lack the audience size to be able to fulfill client needs, so they supplement their data with third party data. All of which leads to poor data quality.

Pollfish is different

We reach real mobile consumers who choose to take a survey (or not) while they are in the apps they know and love, which results in better quality data. We also never purchase data from “partners.” We don’t need to - we have 550M+ real global consumers in our network.

Survata Targeting Capabilities vs Pollfish

Number of Completed responses
Age range
Target by screening question
Marital status
Number of children
household income
US Postal Code
US Census Region
US Census Division
US Congressional District
mobile device manufacturer
Targeted locations
114 countries, 345 cities
USA Nationwide, Australia, Canada, UK
type of audience reached
Random, Opt-in
Random, Opt-in
On every targeting option

The difference in Targeting.

1. Real Global

The Pollfish Survey Tool provides access to real consumers in 160 countries, 345 cities—who have already opted-in to take mobile surveys. Survata only offers survey respondents in Canada and Australia, at a highly inflated price, between $2.50 and $4 per complete.

2. Get To Know Your Respondents

Pollfish is committed to providing a full suite of targeting info. By distributing your online survey across a massive mobile app network, we are able to target demographic data like Marital Status, Employment and Household Income, as well as more detailed metrics like US Census Region. This is a level of targeting that Survata just can’t match.

3. Quotas

Survey Quotas are a powerful way to control your survey respondent population. For example, if you know that your customer base is 60% male and 40% female, why not make your survey match that breakdown? With Pollfish, you can add quotas on every targeting option (Survata doesn’t offer quotas). Try it out today!

Survata Cost vs Pollfish

Cost Per Completed Survey / 1-5 Questions
$0.95 per completed survey
$2 per completed survey (US) / $4 per completed survey (Inter.)
Cost Per Completed Survey / 6-10 Questions
$1.00 (All countries)
$2.00 - $3.00 (US)
Cost Per Completed Survey / 11-15 Questions
$1.00 (All countries)
$3.00 (US)
Cost Per Completed Survey / 16-20 Questions
$1.25 (All countries)
$4.00 - $17.00 (US)
Cost Per Completed Survey / 21-25 Questions
$1.50 (All countries)
$4.00 - $17.00 (US)
Cost Per Completed Survey / 26-30 Questions
$2.00 (All countries)
$4.00 - $17.00 (US)
Cost Per Completed Survey / 31-35 Questions
$2.50 (All countries)
$4.00 - $17.00 (US)
Cost Per Completed Survey / 36-40 Questions
$3.00 (All countries)
$4.00 - $17.00 (US)
Cost Per Completed Survey / 41-45 Questions
$3.50 (All countries)
$4.00 - $17.00 (US)
Cost Per Completed Survey / 46-50 Questions
$4.00 (All countries)
$4.00 - $17.00 (US)
Cost per completed survey / 17 questions (International)
$1 per completed survey
$4 per completed survey
Screening question pricing
+ $0.5 per completed survey
No additional cost
Gender Selection
+ $0.5 per completed survey
No additional cost
Age range selection
+ $0.5 - $1 per completed survey
No additional cost
+ $0.5 per completed survey
No additional cost
No additional cost (Available on Monadic test)

The difference in Cost.

1. 15 Questions for just $1

Survata’s pricing increases as you go. So while their pricing starts at just $1 per complete, if you add more than 6 questions to your survey, your price starts to go up. With Pollfish, you could start from $0.95 and add 15 questions at just $1 percomplete!

2. International Pricing

Wanna go global? Survata provides service in Canada and Australia, but it will cost you. International respondents cost $4 per complete. Pollfish has respondents in 350+ countries, and you can get 15 questions for just $1 per complete or up to 50 questions for $4 per complete.

Survata Question Options vs Pollfish

Number of Questions
Up to 50
Up to 15 allowed on the Extended Surveys Package
Number of screening questions
Skip logic
Randomize answers
Matrix question type
Rating scale
Video may be added to all question types
Available on Monadic test
Click Map

The difference in Questionnaires.

1. A Lot To Ask

We’ll give you 15 questions at just $1.00 and support up to 50 questions and 350+ countries! Survata gives you 6 questions at $2.00 for US and $4.00 for Canada / Australia.

2. Ask Another Way

In addition to allowing you to create larger surveys, we offer more types of survey questions —including matrix questions, sliders, ranking questions—to choose from.

3. Skip Logic

Skip logic is a feature that changes what your respondent sees next based on their answer to a question. Adding skip logic allows you to run one survey instead of multiple surveys, saving money and time. Survata doesn’t offer Skip logic.

Survata Support vs Pollfish

24/7 Live Support
24/7 Phone Support
Survey Creation Guidance
Survey Review

The difference in Support.

1. Support on your Schedule

Pollfish offers live 24/7 chat support so you can get the quick answers to your questions without having to jump on a call. Survata doesn’t offer 24/7 chat support.

2. Call Anytime

Sometimes you need a longer conversation to answer a more in-depth question. That’s why, in addition to 24/7 Live Chat Support, we offer Phone Support at all plan levels.

3. Survey Creation Guidance

Creating market research is challenging. From question selection to incidence rate and margin of error, it can be hard to know how effective your survey will be before you begin. That’s why we have a support team available to walk through your survey with you and ensure you are following best practices. We’re here for you every step of the way.

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The steps to get better data

1. Create your survey

Use our advanced targeting options to reach your specific target audience .

Target by age, gender and demographic criteria such as Household Income or Marital Status, among others.

Build your Questionnaire

Design your survey questions using features like survey skip logic, randomization of answers, open-ended, image, video and NPS question types on an easy self-service platform.

Review your survey

Our expert team will examine your survey questions closely and provide feedback on both your survey design and methodology.

2. Get the responses you need from your ideal respondents.

We partner with thousands of high-quality apps, worldwide, to ensure that we have access to a variety of survey respondents for every type of survey.

Our network is global and growing every day to provide larger and more relevant target audiences to our clients.

3. Get results, fast.

Send your survey and let the real-time results roll in. We do all the work, updating your Dashboard in real time.

Export your raw data at the click of a button, or share a graph in your presentation. Analyze and quantify responses with the SPSS-friendly file provided with each survey.

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