Survey respondents reveal attitudes on Guns And Immigration – Huffington Post

Pollfish and researchers at PredictWise have been examining 11 key election issues since January, collecting data from 1,000 survey respondents per week on critical election topics including abortion, anti-discrimination laws for sexual orientation, government efforts to reduce inequality, gun control, immigration, Iran, maternity leave, Medicare spending, government regulation, taxes for incomes over $400,000 and global warming.

Two major public policy issues – guns and immigration, have a particularly interesting effect on how they divide voters and the candidates.

Traditionally, candidates back their parties’ stance on these issues -Republicans relaxed on gun control and  clamping down on immigration – with Democrats supporting the opposite stance.

However, in the data analyzed by PredictWise, we see two very interesting findings:

  • Many Republican voters support extending gun control, in line with the Democratic nominee.
  • Many Democratic voters are weary of immigration and more competition in the low-wage labor market, more in line with the Republican nominee.

What will these results mean for the candidates and upcoming elections? The trend is that more Americans support Democratic Party values – but these two issues may play a hand in upsetting that pattern.

No matter the outcome, the Pollfish network has delivered very consistent, stable results. And, the advantages of finding survey respondents on the Pollfish network are clear: fast, high-quality, low-cost results.

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