In-app surveys as a feedback and engagement tool

In a world where there is an app for everything and an alternative for every concept, it is important to be able to hang on to your users. The competition in the app market is fierce and the devil is in the details. Product testing is critical if you want to understand your users’ needs.

But there is no reason this process has to be difficult. All you have to do is give them the opportunity to voice their opinions and needs and you will be well on the way to having and keeping satisfied customers. This is where surveys come into play: you may use surveys to figure out what your users want and even who they really are; what they like or dislike about your app and how you can improve it. An app whose publisher is in tune with his users is sure to be profitable, in more ways than one.

Do It Yourself

So, you’ve spent so much effort and time into building your app, do you have to work extra to distribute surveys? Absolutely not. By integrating an in-app survey SDK such as Pollfish there is no need to rely on a development team to help you create the perfect survey design. You are the master of your own Dashboard, with access to an unlimited number of free surveys, build with the help of a foolproof online DIY tool. Access to information others have to pay dear money to get, is free for you, and available in minutes.



In-app feedback

Is your app starting to plateau? Are you not seeing as much traffic as you would like? What has changed? Is there something missing? Who better to answer questions such as these than the actual users of your app? With surveys, you remove the guesswork. You may instantly launch a survey and receive real-time feedback. Then, the ball is in your court: re-design parts of your app, insert a new feature in your upcoming update or remove that annoying bug that everyone has been complaining about. Now you know exactly what works because your users told you. No backtalk from your product team! You have all the data you need to analyze your users, identify pattern behavior and customize your app.




In-app surveys let you go beyond NPS on mobile. Simple questions like “Would you recommend our company to your friends?” and “Why did you select that option?” may drive future business decisions.

A/B testing of feature concepts/designs can also easily be achieved with in-app surveys, driving better product and design decisions.

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Everybody likes to feel like their opinion matters, and app users are no different. Asking them what they think of that new feature you are designing or what one thing they would like to see you change in your app, engages them in a more personal level. Users feel that they make your app what it is, working along with you towards a new and improved finished product. Your app becomes their app, driving loyalty and retention.


“A customer that feels is being heard is a loyal customer.”




In a recent survey by Pollfish, users were asked what it is they like about surveys. Their answers are quite enlightening:

  • “I like to give feedback through surveys as people will view this and make decisions based on my answers.”
  • “I like to take the time to give my feedback.”
  • “I love surveys because I am providing feedback, I am an active participant in the process.”
  • “Answering surveys makes it seem someone is listening and actually trying to improve things.”


Publishers use in-app survey SDKs nowadays, mainly as a monetization solution in an effort to increase their app revenue. They should however, take advantage of their presence by using them to gather insights from their app users and improving their apps based user suggestions, thus capitalizing on their presence to maximize user engagement and retention.

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